Tid-Bits by Richie Priest, Lytle Chief of Police

Last week was “slow”. It’s always nice to have a little slowdown. We were able to do some cleaning and organizing, I can’t stand a cluttered office and we had a few areas that needed attention. Sgt. Lopez was able to prepare numerous cases to file with the prosecutors. I asked him if we had anybody with reports that needed completing and he said, “Only you”. I guess that’s what I get for asking. Officers handled 42 calls for service and conducted 107 traffic stops. Of those 107 stops, 63 were citations and 44 were warnings.
There was only one arrest last week. A traffic stop for speeding in the school zone resulted in the arrest of the female driver for an active Bexar Co. theft warrant. She was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.
We only had three property crimes reported to us last week. Two of those were instances where the complainant left their property behind. #1 – A complaint reported that she put her computer tablet on the top of her car and drove off. It fell off at some point in time at an unknown location. #2 – A resident of N. Somerset St. reported that someone cut the rope to his flagpole. #3 – A complainant reported that she left her $1,400 iPhone at the checkout stand at H.E.B. Plus. It was determined it was taken by 2 females in a silver Nissan Altima.
We have job opportunities here in the city! From a full-time City Administrator, and a full-time Public Works laborer, to a part-time code compliance officer. These positions are now open and posted on our website http://www.lytletx.org/149/Employment-Opportunities. You might be thinking “I have no desire to work for the city”, but that is okay. Maybe you have a friend that would be a perfect fit for our team, or perhaps an enemy you might want to send our way. It’s an excellent place to work. I have been a city employee for 24 years and have no complaints I am willing to put in writing! If it wasn’t a good place to work, I wouldn’t have hung around.
The Lytle VFW Freedom walk is scheduled for Saturday Sept. 9, at John Lott Park. The walk will take off at 10 AM. They will be “serving up” some free hotdogs after the walk. It will be followed by a full day of music, vendors, and food trucks, and it sounds like it is going to be a fun-filled day. The Lytle VFW seems to always be successful in their events; one reason is that they have so darn many members. They are like fire ants when you stir up the mound.
Our National Night Out will be on Tuesday, Oct. 3 at the Lytle Community Center on Priest Blvd. We will be providing free food, snacks, and drinks. While the LPD will have equipment and vehicles on display, we also expect a significant presence from the Lytle Fire Dept. The fire dept. has some good stuff to check out! As we have done in the past, we will have tables for organizations that want to promote their business or service. If you are interested in a table, please send me an email and I will pencil you in. This is predominantly an “indoor” event; those are my favorite kinds of events …. If it’s too hot or too cold I can simply adjust the thermostat.