The happy rock challenge…. for my 5th grade science teacher, dear Mrs. Michelle Brown

The community lost a wonderful woman this week, beloved by many, many students in Devine, Castroville, San Antonio, and Lytle in her 30+ year teaching career, with over two decades teaching in Devine.
I will never forget her 5th grade classroom. I have never been a science fan, but I guarantee every kid was interested in Mrs. Brown’s science lessons. That’s when the magical rocks came out. She shared her awesome collection of rocks and geodes and a genuine passion for science with her students—eyes filled with wonder. When I reached out to one of her beloved daughters to share this story with them, she laughed and said “My mom LOVED rocks. She would stop on the side of the road to collect rocks.”
Maybe that’s why she had so many cool rocks for her students!
Every morning, her warm, happy, sweet voice welcomed us to school, everyday…even if we were late or forgot our homework, or whatever the circumstance. I was always an extremely shy kid at school. I was the type of kid that would cry at the drop of a hat if I forgot my homework one day, but in her class, I felt welcome and loved.
Mrs. Brown read us a chapter out of a book every day, like a mother reading a bedtime story, and she was so fun to listen to.
Undoubtedly, every time I see a cool rock or geode, I will think of Mrs. Brown and remember how you can make any lesson fun, and make everyone feel welcome.
Mrs. Brown LOVED her rocks, and LOVED her students.
So this week, I challenge all of Mrs. Brown’s students, touched by her love… go out and find some cool or plain, old ordinary rocks and paint them with happy smiley faces, rainbows, or words of encouragement, and leave them at a park or on the side of the road somewhere, for someone else to find.
Feel free to share photos of rocks in her honor with Mrs. Brown’s children, Joy Graff and Erin Garcia and Devine News, via facebook, before you spread them around Devine.
By Kayleen Holder

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