Tea party with my princess

My daughter was feeling a little down the other day, so I asked daddy to watch the baby, and enticed sister into a fancy tea party. I had a pretty long, busy, jam-packed day at work, so I would have considered myself brain-dead that evening, but I just didn’t want to see her little face frowning any more.
So I pulled out two of our fanciest tea cups, sugar, and honey. It’s funny how something so simple can make a world of difference. I began talking with my fancy British accent, and within just a couple minutes, she was already smiling again. Of course, we quickly evolved into princess of various kingdoms.
“What kind of dress are you wearing to the royal ball this weekend?” I asked, and “What’s the weather like in your kingdom?”
“Oh, I forgot, what color crown are you wearing tomorrow?”
How I got myself into princess persona so quickly after such a long day at work–I don’t know. But it sure was fun being princesses for a few minutes over a cup of tea.
Then we talked about what princes we would marry of course, and she blushed at that. My description of my “princess fairyland prince” always has a resemblance to my actual prince, except instead of a tan pickup truck, he rides a big white horse. That always makes her laugh.
She probably used half the jar of sugar, but her happy smile was worth it.
How are things in your kingdom today? What color dress are you wearing to the royal ball?