Stabbing remains a mystery after man wanders up to home in Lytle

A 39-year-old man approached the home of an elderly woman on Widsom Road this past Wednesday, July 17. The man had serious and visible stab wounds to his chest, but has so far been uncooperative with police in determining what exactly happened.
“He wandered up to the house and started banging on the door around 1:35 in the afternoon,” Lytle PD Chief Richie Priest said. “We know the man is originally from this area, but we believe the stabbing most likely happed in Bexar County, so we have contacted them as well.”
” It is a very serious injury, but we have not been able to locate the crime scene, so unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot we can do at this point. The victim was uncooperative with us. He will not tell us what happened or where,” Chief Priest said.
The suspect sustained stab wounds to his chest, possibly thru his lungs and was transported to the hospital in serious condition.
If you have any information relating to this horrible stabbing, please contact Lytle Police Department at 830-709-0277.