Restoring hope with compassion: 3rd Street Closet is here to help those in need

Now open officially in downtown Devine as the “3rd Street Closet”, this non profit 501(c)3 organization has a goal of helping anyone in need get immediate help and coordinate with others to help as well.
“No one program is enough. We all need to work together, pastors, churches, communities, businesses”, said Founder Margo Fernandez.
A plaque on the wall at the entrance with their mission statement sums it up: Third Street Closet’s mission is to help improve the quality of life of the people in our community, by providing victims of crime, fire and poverty, free assistance with clothing, shoes, and basic essentials. Third Street Closet’s focus is to restore hope with compassion and respect. Assisting the community since 2018.

A lot of people have come forward to help make the expansion from the old thrift store known as “The Center” to the new non- profit “Third Street Closet” and I am so grateful. Co- Founders are Olga Morales, Lita Rodriguez and Viola Rodriguez. Margo and Olga are also the managers but they couldn’t do it without Lita and Viola, the women who are the wind beneath their wings. Margo, Olga and Lita staff the center which is open to clients during the week and the public on Friday and Saturdays with items for sale.
They have all kinds of very nice clothes, shoes, accessories and household items for sale, mostly 1, 2, or 3 dollars. Nothing over $5.00 (except boots).
Clients get to choose what they like and need from the thrift store shelves, all gently used clothing in separate departments for babies, children, teens, women, plus size and men. Walls and walls full of shoes and boots in the kid’s room, the women’s room and the men’s area. Most look practically brand new!
Lots and lots of high quality dresses with dress shoes and purses to match practically every outfit.
All items are donated and cleaned thoroughly.
The earnings from the sales are used to buy food to give to people in need. Right now they have 67 families they feed monthly, giving each a box of food they purchase. Food items, laundry soap, dish soap, hygiene products, cereal, meat, and bread. “Pastor Dan has been a big help and several others in the community. Daily Bread is supplying us with bread, and we are grateful.
“We are here to provide immediate relief, clothes, shoes and food. Hopefully the word will spread and those in need in the area will say ‘I’m going to get to that place’, and come see us. We just helped a 30 year old homeless man this morning with clothes, shoes and food and then called Pastor Dan to see what other help he could find for him. We hoped to have all the pastors meet here occasionally so they can see what we have to offer and help us help others.
Eventually we will have a board of directors and hope to have a social worker someday.
Anybody who needs help, we want to help. “I have been in foster care, homeless and down and out, so I know what people go through. I made it through with the help of others, became a police officer, and with the help of former Natalia Police Chief Gilbert Rodriguez, used a closet at the police station for victims full of clothes, shoes and items needed in time of crisis. The police station/closet was located on Third Street, so hence the name Third Street Closet when they went to fill out non -profit paperwork and choose a name. The vision all started back in 2018. The Rodriguez family has been big supporters from the beginning and help found Third Street Closet.
Please tell anyone you know that is in need to contact us or come to The Closet. or for an appointment call 210-589-3088 and Margo will set up an appointment and help you out. Third Street Closet is located at 211 W. College Ave, Devine, Texas 78016. For an appointment call Margo at 210-589-3088, most appointments are made for daytime hours, but occasionally evening appointments are available if necessary.
Third Street provides FREE assistance in the form of clothing, food and resources. No applications. No judgments. Call 210-589-3088 for an appointment. Clients are treated with respect and shop at Third Street Closet in a private setting by appointment. No money is ever exchanged for goods and services as it is all donated.
Shopping hours are from 9am – 2 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. They are located next to the post office in Devine at the end of the VFW building.
By K.K. Calame

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