Purchases will allow county to pave streets

Summer officially started Monday and just like that, it started heating up. Bet y’all thought it was already here. Time to water the grass and stuff. Miss the snow yet?
We entered into an Agreement pursuant to a previously created Economic Development Program which turns Ag exempt land into a commercial development and will generate a greater tax levy for the county. Just can’t say who the commercial development is…
The County leased some of its property to HANK and will provide a location for a residence for some abused and neglected kids. We already have one in Devine and Hondo. Shame we even need these.
Pre Trial Services is going to GPS ankle monitors for the crooks that get outta jail and are awaiting trial. With these monitors, they will be trackable and will include some electronic gadgets that measure their alcohol levels too.
Speaking of crooks, the Jail Standards Commission has determined that we need to provide televisions in the NEW jail addition for the inmates. This UNFUNDED State MANDATE will direct us to pay for the installation ($23,000) and the monthly service fee ($900 plus) in order for them to be entertained. Randy’s jail ain’t no Holiday Inn. The vote was not unanimous..
Municipalities, Counties and the school system are constantly force fed these unfunded mandates and are obliged to comply with the States wishes. Their solution is to pass the expense to us at the local level and let us worry about how to pay for it. Forcing Appraisal Districts to raise their appraisals resulting in higher local taxes so that they can reduce their obligation to fund our Public Schools and this type of stuff is dam near criminal and our Representatives and Senators should be held accountable.
My letter to Rep. Andrew Murr and Sen. Roland Gutierrez are going out this week. They should be flooded with letters from disgruntled voters, removed from office at the next Election and replaced with someone who is tired of this type of crap.
The architects and contractors are still sending us change orders for the Courthouse Annex. These are common but, luckily we have $400,000 in contingency funds to cover these. We are on track to come in under budget on the building.
We approved the purchase of a reclaiming machine, an oil distributer truck and a chip spreader so that we can do our own paving. This will run us about $1 million but, will be paid for out of our Reserve Fund.
We are going to provide two new buildings for the DPS Weigh Station out on IH 35 South for about $81,000. We’re gonna have to redo the septic system and some electrical stuff for another $23,000. This will enable the Troopers and Inspectors to run 2 shifts. This operation already brings in over half a million dollars every year to the County and they only have one shift runnin at this time.
On a lighter note, only 185 days till Christmas and one day closer to riding out to look at a Redwood tree.