Over $8,790 raised for local foster children in Christmas light fundraiser

Over $8,790 was raised this year in the Pat and Kitty DuBose Memorial Christmas Light Competition, benefitting HANK Inc’s local foster children. Thanks to everyone who participated in this fundraiser which will help HANK bring joy to local foster kids. The following families received awards for their beautiful display:
Silent Night Award- The Silent Night award goes to the Devine Food Pantry, who does the work of Jesus every day, helping the less fortunate. Their awesome display down Teel Street is a sight to see, and has surely brought lots of smiles to kiddos passing through town this year! Beautifully crafted wooden Disney characters line the street including huge wooden lollipops by the front door, wooden soldiers, an animated snowman waving at passers-by, and animated Garfield holding a candy cane while his comical pet puppy licks it, Snoopy, Snow White’s dwarfs among others. Beautiful multi-colored lights also draping across the light posts above and down the side of the building adds the perfect touch.
1st Place- The Nash family home on CR 6869 is the most awesome display we have ever had the pleasure of seeing in person. All of the displays are handmade, and include several 6ft x12ft buildings with displays inside them. As you turn onto CR 6869, their display starts with an awesome depiction of Jesus’ birth and resurrection. You’ll see a lifelike model of the “The Inn”, a lifelike manager scene, three huge wooden crosses about 8-10 ft tall, as well as a life-size tomb and display celebrating Jesus’ resurrection with the wording from Luke 24:6 “He is not here, but is risen!” A huge, beautifully lit and crafted Bible display (6 foot wide x 4 foot tall) is also at the center of this display with scripture from John 3:16-17 starting off “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son…” As we rounded the corner of this property, we saw a HUGE tree of lights, the biggest we’ve ever seen. At 30 foot tall, it’s almost the size of a large Oak tree.
Down the other side, we found another little building with bay windows and a life-size realistic Santa inside, who seems to be sitting in his rocking chair going over his “nice” list. Also in the background, you’ll chuckle when you see a couple of pesky, mischievous elves knocking over an old fashioned outhouse/port-a-potty with another elf inside. A beautifully lit bridge at the center of the yard with blue lit water running underneath, and a huge life-size wooden sleigh are a few of the other highlights. Another building with life-like elves and a switch board inside is deemed the “Light Factory,” where comical little elves appear to be repairing Christmas lights. Another one of Santa’s animated elves is up inside the light tower, watching over Santa’s flight– with binoculars of course! We could go on forever about this huge display that incorporates everything we love about Christmas–the story of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection, as well as the fun, comical side of Santa and his elves.
2nd Place- The Powell family on CR 6816 has an AWESOME display of lights, estimated at about 30,000 lights. It catches your eye as soon as you come around the corner, and there was no doubt in our minds that this home was the one we were looking for! With five large glowing arches, and thousands of lights interwoven throughout the display, beautifully spaced and arranged, the glow of blue was incredible. A beautiful reindeer and sleigh in the foreground and many reindeer seemingly munching on grass throughout the yard adds a nice touch. A beautifully lit house in the backdrop and a red candy cane lit fence, and a huge pine tree adorned in lights made this house lots of fun to look at.

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3rd Place- The Ingleston’s humongous Christmas display on Hwy 173 can be seen from half a mile away! At the gate, you are greeted by the Texas-size display, with a beautifully lit gate, in the design of a Texas flag. Right beside that, what else would you find but a Christmas Armadillo.
An LED light up sign, streams several messages across it for passer-bys on Hwy 173 to see, and also helps us celebrate the cause behind this competition….bringing joy to local foster children. Beside an awesome animated Santa hologram, you’ll see the words “Pat and Kitty Memorial Christmas light competition benefits HANK’s local foster children….Lighting up our City, and Lighting up Children’s lives.” And that’s what it’s all about folks!
It has several unique and special displays throughout the lights, making it even more special including a “Back the Blue” section in honor of law enforcement officers who serve and protect.
A beautifully lit gazebo with an angel on top was also one of our favorite parts. Over a dozen blow up characters are found throughout the display…a dragon, a weenie dog, a snow man and more, even including a character from the Christmas Story. They estimate to have about 10,000 lights at their home! A trampoline was repurposed into the biggest Christmas wreath we’ve ever seen.
A hand-painted Peace on Earth manger scene sits beneath a large, beautifully lit cross.
I Believe in Santa Claus Award- Beautiful white lights drape across the roof of the Boyd home on Wedgewood way like a runway for Santa’s sleigh. A Christmas tree of lights adorned with a star on top is at the center of the home along with lots of pretty reindeer in the yard. A comical, realistic Santa, sitting in a lawn chair below the carport always catches your eye as you drive by. This year, Santa is relaxing, wearing shades, and playing with what appears to be little Claus grandkids on his lap. Who knows?
Most Magical Award- Walking amongst the glow of these warm traditional colored lights at the Gregory house on Hwy. 173, our youngest judge commented “This is so magical!” And that it is! A wooden Santa and his rocking horse, reindeer, cow, snowman, among other characters add to the fun of this display. We especially liked the funny penguins fishing from atop their igloo.
Winter Wonderland Award-The Mayorga’s beautiful home on Jamison Dr. is a sight to see, a Winter Wonderland full of bright beautiful colors, and a warm white lights draping down the perimeter of a majestic Oak tree. Lots of comical characters fill the yard including Santa’s sleigh pulled by chickens–instead of reindeer, and a “Don’t feed the bears” sign beside a big, hungry Polar bear and many others.
Most Creative- The Jackson’s Christmas display is always lots of fun to see. It has so many intricate and unique displays throughout it, earning the Most Creative Award. Perhaps the most unique, is the beautifully lit vintage US Mail carriage hauling Santa and his gifts, pulled by reindeer. In the left corner, you’ll also find a clever “Christmas Tree” light farm with several light trees under the dome. Many, many blow up characters adorn the yard including just about anything you can imagine–horses, pigs, dogs, 2 HUGE snowmen, and even a 4 foot long comical Weenie dog. A candy-cane lined sidewalk, and lots of animation amongst the warm white icicle lights on the home make it so beautiful. Everywhere you turn; there is another character and Christmas scene. Young–or just young at heart–any kid would love to walk through this magical display.
Most Comical Award- You’ll find what looks like a magical runway of lights leading up to the front door of the Romano home on Howard Street, where Santa seems to have landed his helicopter on the front lawn. A huge 8 ft blow up Santa waves in the wind, and another scene depicts the day after Christmas, where a tired and weary Santa takes a nice hot bath! This comical blowup display shows Santa rub-a-dub-dubbing in the tub with Rudolph and even his rubber duckie.
Honorable Mention-The Morris home on CR 6861 has a beautiful display. One of our favorite parts is a magical stream of blue lights on the ground where the pretty reindeer get a drink. Beautiful warm red lights arch over the doorway and two huge snowflakes greet you at the gate. The display is also adorned by a huge colorfully lit tree of lights, and the beautiful Christmas tree which can be seen through the front window is truly picturesque. You’ll also find fun snowman, Santa, elves, and Elsa, Olaf, and reindeer characters.
Honorable Mention- The Musquiz home on Hwy 173 is a beautifully designed display. It features warm white lights and lots of hand-crafted wooden Christmas trees, as well as hand-painted reindeer.

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