On the brink of closing, Food Pantry in desperate need of volunteers

The Devine Food Pantry Ministry is a Christian food distribution ministry. Part of our mission statement is “Serving the needs of all through Christian love.” The Bible clearly tells us that Love must have corresponding action. With this in mind, please continue reading.
The Devine Food Pantry Ministry is on the brink of closing. Yes, we said, “BRINK.” The edge of the cliff seems closer and closer each day. We would be remiss in our leadership if we did not notify you of this reality. Believe us, we are not over-reacting.

We desperately need committed, reliable, able bodied volunteers throughout the week for deliveries and on Tuesdays and Thursdays before, during, and after food distribution sessions. Without more help of this kind, we have no other choice than to seriously consider whether or not we can continue. We are hereby notifying you and calling on you for help.
We totally understand that there are many of you who do truly care but are physically unable to step up and fill our needs. We ask you to pray for God to send laborers to us for His ministry.
If you are one of those Christians who believe God is calling you to help us, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Karen Crump at 210-422-6039 by text only. God BLESS you.
Food distribution times: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00am-12:30pm at 309 N. Teel, Devine, Texas.
Contributions may be mailed to: Devine Food Pantry Ministry, PO Box 578, Devine, Texas 78016.
By Karen Crump

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