No fireworks calls a rewards

My first weekly report for 2021! It was another light week, only two property crimes and one arrest. Officers handled 52 calls.
Officers handled one burglary of a vehicle, it occurred at the NAPA Auto Parts on IH-35. Somebody cut the catalytic converter from one of their delivery vehicles. We have seen a few of these crimes recently.
Officers also investigated a theft at H.E.B. A suspect made off with a Nintendo Switch gaming console (valued at $350), he shoved it down his pants and exited the store. Officers A. Lopez and D. Lopez were able to get our suspect identified and it looks like we will be getting a warrant for this fellow. The nerve of him, thinking the old “shove the stolen property down my pants” trick would work on us.
Our only arrest of the week was the result of a traffic stop. The driver was found to have a felony dope warrant out of Bexar Co. Sgt. Hanson could have also charged him with failure to ID (he only remembered part of his real name). This happens a lot with people who know they have warrants. They will claim to not have any photo ID and then give you part of their real name and part of their real date of birth. Seems like to me if you are going to lie about who you are you would “go big” and make it all up. I would most likely use a character from a favorite movie for my name, maybe Jacob McCandles or Cole Thornton.
It sure was cold on New Year’s Eve, I think most people stayed home and stayed inside. We did not receive a single dispatched call that night or early morning to report fireworks, I think that is a record. I like the way 2021 is starting already. Officers did respond to a couple of calls over the next two days, but we didn’t locate any “poppers.”
On the personal side, the family took a short trip up to Gruene. I had never been there and had heard people talking about it for years. I figured on a Tuesday it would be slow. I was wrong, the place was packed so we didn’t hang around too long. I can only imagine how busy it gets when we aren’t in the middle of a global pandemic.
I spent New Year’s Day working in the office. You know making sure everything was aligned for the new year. It is important to delegate, but somethings I feel like I need to do myself. For example, I took down the old calendars and put new ones up. This is the kind of stuff that requires the knowledge & skill set that I have mastered.
Under the Governor’s Order, we now have fallen back into the 50% capacity area. This is based on the high number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in the Trauma Service Area that we are part of. In our community it will primarily impact restaurants that provide dining rooms, we don’t have many businesses that fit into the other categories. Essential businesses, such as hardware stores, grocery stores, auto parts stores, etc. are not impacted. Religious services and schools are not affected either.
This is just my little run down for you all on the issue. The order is long, so it requires a lot of reading…. I’m better at things that require a lot of talking.