New veteran services officer hired

Drier’n Jim Steinbaughs sense of humor. Supposed to rain tomorrow (Friday) but, who knows…finally got a little cold weather but could use more freezes. Gotta kill bugs and set peaches.
This was one of the most boring Commissioner Court meetings I’ve been to yet. Outside of hiring a new Veterans Service Officer, not much went on. This service has greatly improved the assistance available for our Veterans and according to their figures, the numbers of Veterans served has increased over 800% and there are still Veterans out there that have not taken advantage of the benefits due them.
We have moved the Citizens Collection service (garbage dumpsters) from the old Rose Hill location to our new digs on SH 173…still open on Saturdays from 8-4. This notification is too late to be effective this weekend but, hopefully some will figger it out. We will have a tire trailer in the near future and I’ll notify Bob Bendele before it appears in the paper.
Did you know that a new backhoe door only costs $1,866.75? Just found that out today. Why, you ask? Ours is bent and the glass is broke and it won’t shut no more so, we gotta replace it. Why, you ask? We won’t go into that…
Financially, Medina County is in great shape. Our numbers are a little under a million dollars over our financial position at this time last year. Cost overruns for the construction projects in the works should not be a major problem however, we are still going to watch the construction budget real close. Pct 4 is in great shape too. The only way we will be hindered in our paving efforts next year is if we run outta time….we have the finances to pay for the projects in mind. Rest easy Ruth….
If we EVER get phone and computer lines in the new office, we will be able to move. Only got desks and phones left to move. Hopefully, when we’re finally in place, we’ll invite folks to come see. The old TxDOT employees are surprised with the new look.
Since this will come out the week of the 25th, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody. The crew will be off until around the 6th of January but, if something needs to be attended to, call and someone will respond. The Sheriff’s Office has the number of the On-Call person if you can’t get hold of me.