The following short story was written by the First Baptist Church of Devine Minister of Music, David Hightower. It is being shared with his permission.
Long, long ago – longer than any clock, calendar or even computer can count…there was God. And God made…not just the world, but all of the universe. He knew exactly where and when He wanted every little thing…every bit of rock and dust. He gathered everything…Everything…in His might hands, opened them, and simply said, “BE.” Everything; every speck of dust or rock, every beam of light, every asteroid, every planet, every star, went to the perfect place that the mighty Lord God had for them to be. All of the stars became bright, just as God would have them. The planets and asteroids all found their orbits. All was just right with the universe that God made.
Far, far off in the deepest, darkest corner of God’s universe, one little star found his perfect spot. He was not very large, and not very bright, but he knew that this was the place that the Lord God wanted him to be. So, he used his gravity to gather all of his little planets and moons and asteroids into orbit, and he shone as brightly as he could, making light and warmth for his little star system. Somehow, he also knew his name, and his name was Pol. And he thought, “Well, that is fine. A small name for a small star. That would be me.”
So, time rolled by. Years, decades, centuries, millennia, eons, all passed with little of anything much happening around Pol and his little star system. Sometimes, a comet would pass by, but it was always icy and cold, and very, very far away. But Pol was faithful. Sometimes, other stars would grow and expand, and then burn out. Still, Pol was faithful. Always faithful.
Then, little Pol noticed something. Something very bright and very far away, but it was getting closer and closer, very, very quickly. When the bright object got close enough, little Pol saw that it was actually two objects. Then, he finally saw that they were not objects, but angels. Somehow, he knew that one was the great Herald Angel Gabriel, with his golden horn in his hands. The other was the mighty Archangel Michael, with his powerful sword hanging at his side. Little Pol was so excited that he began to shine just a little brighter.
The two angels stopped right in front of him, and he waited for them to speak. “Dearest little Pol,” began Gabriel, “you have been here in this deepest, darkest corner of the Lord God’s universe, and you have been so very faithful to shine with all the light and love that our Great God has given you, and God has also seen your faithfulness all through the long passages of time. Now, little Pol, the Great God is calling you to a very special place for a very special reason.” Little Pol answered, “I have been a servant of the Most High God since the very beginning of all time. I will do whatever He commands.” Gabriel and Michael smiled at little Pol, and then nodded to each other. Gabriel gave a great blast on his horn, and Michael drew the mighty sword of God. All three of them began to move through the heavens of the universe. Little Pol had never seen such wonders. Galaxies of every shape, size and color. Planets and comets. He had never seen so many different stars that were small and gigantic, blue or red or orange or white. There were more colors than he could imagine.
Just when he thought he had seen all of the great wonders of God, all of the universe began to get brighter and brighter and brighter. Even then, little Pol was faithful. He knew where they were going. They were coming to Heaven, the home of the one true God. They swept through the Heavenly Gates, and there were angels everywhere, all singing and praising God. Finally, they came to the throne of God. Little Pol was a star, but even he had to avert his eyes because of the glory of God. He saw that the angels were covering their eyes with their wings. And then God said, “Little Pol, you have been in the farthest, darkest, loneliest corner of my universe, yet all through the eons of time, you have been faithful. You have used your light to give love, hope, direction and joy to all your little world, and to all who would look upon you. Now, here is something new for you. I will use you, dearest little Pol, to announce the birth of my Son.” At first, little Pol could not speak, as if his star fire had gone out. Then, in a small, meek voice, he said, “O Great God, you would use me to announce the Jesu, Emmanuel, Jesus your Son? I am so unworthy.” His voice trailed off into silence. Then, the voice of the One Great God filled all of Heaven, “YOU…ARE…WORTHY.” Little Pol did not realize, but he was shining brighter than he had EVER shined in all of time. In a voice that he did not know he had, Pol answered, “Here I Am. I Am Your Servant. Use me for all you wish, Great Mighty God.” And the Lord Almighty said, “GO.”
Gabriel sounded his horn. Michael drew the sword of God, and they were sweeping out of heaven, faster than little Pol had ever traveled. Through the galaxies of the universe. Finally, up ahead, Pol found himself concentrating on one little blue planet that he had never noticed before. As they slowed down, Michael lowered the sword and said, “Here, Pol. Let us show you your new place.” But Pol answered, “Thank you, but I believe I know exactly where the Lord would have me be.” And sure enough, Pol moved just a little farther forward, and a little to the side, and it was the perfect spot. Pol and the angels knew this to be true because he began to glow brighter and brighter and brighter. Very soon, Pol was the brightest star in all the heavens.
Pol suddenly asked, “Where is Gabriel going?” Michael answered, “Gabriel and all the Heavenly Hosts are going to see the shepherds outside Bethlehem to tell them about the Baby Jesus.” Pol was so excited! “Now?” he exclaimed, “Is it happening now?” Michael answered, “Pol, follow my hand and you can see it all happening. See that large city? That is Jerusalem. Then, just down a little, see that little village? That is Bethlehem.” “Oh my yes, I DO see it!” said Pol. Michael smiled, then continued, “Now, do you see the man leading a donkey with a young woman riding on its back? That is Joseph and Mary, who is the mother of Jesus. See them at the Inn? There are so many people, there is not enough room. The Innkeeper is leading them to the manger behind the Inn so they will have a place to sleep.” Little Pol was suddenly overcome with joy, “Oh Michael, look, look! The baby is being born. Michael, it is Jesus!” Again, Michael smiled, “Yes, Pol, it is Jesus. The shepherds will be coming very soon. You have another job. Look far to the east. What do you see?” Pol gazed to the east, and then was so excited, “Oh, Oh, I see three kings, with all their armies and servants, all coming toward Bethlehem!” “They are coming to worship Jesus,” said Michael, “and they are following your light as a guide. You must stay faithful, and shine, and lead them to Jesus! Can you? Will you do this, faithful little Pol?” Pol shone even brighter, “I will shine upon the manger, even until the end of all days! Until all that is in me is completely spent, I will shine and lead others to Jesus!” And so he did. The Wise Men and all their company came, and they fell down and worshipped Jesus, and opened their treasures of gold, frankincense and myrrh. When they left, they were all praising the One Great God with all their hearts.
Just as Pol was realizing that Gabriel had come back, he suddenly asked “What is happening? Where are Mary and Joseph and the Baby going?” Gabriel smiled, “Your job is finished. All who would come to worship Him have come and gone.” Pol looked down, “Does this mean that I am to return to my little corner of our God’s universe?” Gabriel and Michael both smiled, big, beaming angel smiles. They knew. “No, Pol,” said Gabriel, “Now, you will not only have a new home, but a new name. You have been little Pol, the smallest star. Now, you will have a new home in the high northern skies. You are, and always will be, the brightest star in all the heavens. You are no longer Pol. You will forever be known as POLARIS, the Great Northern Star. You guided the Wise Men…now you will guide all the travelers of Earth by your light. They will follow you through the darkest nights, and will know their way home.” “I cannot believe…am I worthy of this?” Michael smiled and reminded him, “What did our God tell you?” Polaris raised a new, strong voice, “Our God has made me WORTHY.” Michael drew and raised the Great Sword of God, pointed to the north, and in a loud voice spoke “GO.” In the blink of an eye, in the snap of a star, Polaris was fixed in the northern sky, and all who watched and believed found their way home. PRAISE THE ONE GREAT GOD!