Natalia Police Report

03/13/2023-Terroristic Threats – Officer on duty responded to call which involved a letter received in the mail that contained an unidentifiable white power. Outside law enforcement agencies were contacted and the white powder was found to be non harmful.
03/15/2023-Parking Violation – Officer on duty observed an 18 wheeler illegally parked and issued a violation citation.
03/16/2023-Evade Arrest – While Officer on duty was conducting routine patrol rounds in the city of Natalia, he encountered a person of interest and made contact with the individual. The Officer confirmed the individual had an active outstanding warrant. As the Officer started to take the subject into custody the subject pulled away and evaded arrest.
03/18/2023-Disturbance – Officer responded to a disturbance involving two girlfriends who had been drinking. The Officer spoke to both parties and offered a courtesy ride home for the night until the alcohol wore off.
03/18/2023-Welfare Concern – Officer on duty responded to a welfare check on a man in a motorized wheelchair traveling on TX-132and FM 471S. Contact was made and all was well.
03/18/2023- AOA – Officer on duty was dispatched to Town and Country to assist the resident get his wheelchair up the handicap ramp.
03/19/2023-Traffic Hazard – Officer on duty was dispatched to an accident on IH35. Officer ensured all parties involved were not injured and contacted a tow truck to take possession of the vehicles involved in the accident.