Natalia Mustang High School Marching Band has debuted “Tears of Sorrow”

By Jacob Lopez
As younger band members step into the spotlight, the Natalia Mustang High School Marching Band has debuted their theme show, “Tears of Sorrow.”
Band Director Sergio Mendez said the marching band will open the show with “Uninvited,” a song by Alanis Morissette.

The second piece will be “Incantation” by Cirque du Soleil, which will go into “Exit Music” by Radiohead and will end with a song by Alan Silvestri, “Burn it Down.”
“Songs come together; in the spring we started looking around and certain songs stood out. The title was done by the drum majors,” Mendez said.
Although the band has lost 24 seniors post-graduation, Mendez commends his students for stepping up.
“Everyone, from the underclassmen to the upperclassmen, is stepping up,” Mendez said. “I was not looking forward to seeing them go, but at the same time eventually it’s going to happen. I was curious to see how these other students would do now that it’s their turn.”
The school year began just as previous ones with scorching hot temperatures for the Natalia marching band. According to the San Antonio Express-News, San Antonio has had 75 days with over 100 degree weather. This breaks the previous record in 2009 of 59 days.
A high school band member in El Paso passed out and collapsed at a football game on Sept. 10. Medical personnel used CPR, but he still died at the hospital.
Band directors across the state face the challenge of keeping their members safe during these heat advisory days.
“It’s just the hours we rehearse,” Mendez said. “We tend to rehearse earlier and then lots of water breaks.”
“So far it hasn’t been too bad; it’s bad but we’re used to it. We’ve been in it for years,” said Mendez.
As the band reaches the midway point of their busiest season, Mendez has seen how much they’ve grown.
“They’re getting better and better every single week. It’s obvious that the shows are improving. It started a little slow; it was a little rough, but making progress every week.”
Members of the Natalia Mustang High School Marching Band are:
Flutes: Brooke Jass, Janessa Ruiz, Brianna Rizo, Sariyah Vasquez, Sierra Vasquez
Clarinets: Tessa Del Toro, Syrene Gallegos, Alaena Garza, Camila Gastelum, Mia Loza, Aleka Martinez, Alora Mendez, Iliana Mendez, Ruby Najera, Allie Ramirez
Alto Sax: Christian Contreras, Joshua Jalomo, Nickolus McHorse, Roger Najera, Josh Perez
Tenor Sax: Jayston Rodriguez, Olivia Velasquez
Bari Sax: Kiara Garcia
Mellophones: Iris Ayala, Beautifull Cano, Lariza Parga
Trumpets: Kaleigh Alvarado, Justin Byrd, Eliana Flores-Garcia, Simon Garcia, Mylie Gonzales, Karis Jackson, Adrian Lopez-Tirado, Ariel Ottinger, Vyviana Rodriguez, Karianna Sanchez, Sofia Tolbert
Trombones: Anthony Guevara, Mosses Leija, Pilar Valadez
Baritones: Isaac Acosta, Jesus Rosales, Zachary Tanner, Lilliana Vasquez
Tubas: Jeremiah Gonzales, Adrian Leal, Jasamin Sanchez
Drum Majors: Kate Robinson, Sarah Kanagusico
Front Ensemble: Efren Galarza, Allison Kanagusico, CJ Robinson, Christopher Tapia, Fernanda Valdez Cortez, Alexa Zavala
Drum Line: Jimmy Ayala, Kylie Brown, Sarai Covarrubias, Rylee Juarez, Blake Owens, Jordan Rodriguez
Color Guard: Skylyene Gallegos, Gabrielle Hawkins, Lillian Martin, Natalie Montgomery, Elena Ottinger, Umiko Coronado
Band Helpers: Alyssa Esquibel, Jeweliana Hernandez, Juan Montes, Tracy Najera, Hannah Richardson, Makayla Rizo, Juliana Sanchez