Devine Mighty Warhorse band halftime show

Libertango • Oblivion • Beat It

By Saile Aranda
A nostalgic beat, a roaring audience and high expectations for the Devine High School Mighty Warhorse Band 2023-24 halftime shows and competitions have begun.
Bert Sanchez, head band director said the marching band will open the show with “Libertango,” a piece by the Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla. It is an instrumental piece that merges the word “liberty” and “tango,” marking the beginning of new tango for Piazzolla.

The second piece will be “Oblivion,” also composed by Piazzolla, a timeless, slow, classical tango composition. The final piece will be a remix including Michael Jackson’s famous single “Beat It.”
“The show will close with a lot of energy,” Sanchez said. So far this season, the band has performed at four Devine High School football halftime shows, every night ending with a “roar of people applauding.”
Due to excessive heat in Texas, Devine High School prioritizes the safety of its students.
Sanchez said students are only required to wear their full uniforms when it is time to perform.
While waiting in the stands during games, band members are allowed to take off their coat, fold it and leave it next to them. Students wear their band T-shirt with the colors of their school under their uniform.
The final goal for Sanchez and The Warhorse Band is to get a superior rating at the University Interscholastic League marching contest on Oct. 14. at D.W. Rutledge Stadium in Converse.
“People are gonna be excited,” Sanchez said. The crowd recognizing the beat of the song “Beat It” elevates the energy and he “can’t wait to take it to the contests.”
Devine High School Mighty Warhorse Band:
Alto Sax: Robert Herrera, Miranda Jimenez, Brady Loeffler, Esteban Mendoza, Margarita Vizcarra
Assistant Drum Major: Robert Herrera
Baritone: Rodney Alvarado, Nick Holguin
Clarinet: Shaylie Cantu, Julianna Castro, Danielle De LaGarza, Abner Flores, Leighton Martinez, Alexander Molina, Persephone Perez, Juvenal Sanchez, Cydney Shuler, Savanah Shuler
Color Guard: Melanie Cardenas, Miliana Guerrero, Kacy Luttrell, Angel Marie Mason, Allexus Pena, Kyra Pompa, Jackie Salazar, Anberlin Saldana, Kaydence Scott, Brooke Walters, Naudia Wurzbach
Drum Major: Brianna Schaefer
Drumline: Tracy Alaniz, Isaiah Camacho, Oakley Malone, Charly Nelson, Lillian Schenk, Kya Spurgers, Carson Suhr
Drumset: Esai Sanchez
Flutes: Damara Lezama Lopez, Alanna Monreal, Gabriela Morales, Savanna Pequeno, Amya Polen, Trinity Sprugers, Caroline Suhr
French Horns: Allison Canada, Lucas Hicks, Gianah Yracheta,
Front Ensemble: Alvina Casas, Matthew Grissom, Val Hernandez, Adam Moreno, Lacey Serna, Ace Sosa, Elijah Unger
Piano: Josh Breaux
Sound Engineer: Deven Deleza
Trombones: Josh Breaux, Josh Castro, Cameryon Copeland, Maudie Cortez, Addison Davila, Christian Esparza, Jordan Garay, Adam Guerrero, Ithiel Lizardi, Larry Martinez, Josh Mills, Benjamin Ramon, Michael Rodriguez
Trumpets: Maverick Beaty, Sarai Benavidez, Jeremiah Cardenas, Janelle Coronado, Deven Deleza, Angelina Garcia, Abigail Gonzales, Jazmin Hernandez, Alvin Mann, Adam Moreno, Jacob Riou, Adrian Rodriguez, Viviana Torres
Tubas: Cooper Campbell, Nathan Fuentes, Abigail Saunders