Mustang powerlifting wins final regular season meet

The Mustang and Lady Mustang powerlifting teams.

The Natalia Mustang Powerlifting team was up against stiff competition in their final regular season meet last week. Thirteen schools were in attendance ranging from 6A-1A and when all was said and done, the boys in blue were able to finish as champions with 48 team points.
“I am extremely proud of how our young men competed and we are really excited about the upcoming regional meet,” Coach Ilyan Martinez said.
The Mustangs had their hands full vs. 6A Del Rio, who finished in 2nd place as a team with 35 team points. Other teams that trailed Natalia included: Holy Cross-17, Devine-16, Marion-14, Jourdanton-12, Pleasanton-9, Floresville-6, Canyon Lake-6, Southwest Legacy-6, Bandera-4, Brooks Academy-2, Knippa-0.
Two Natalia Mustangs were able to win the gold individually, as Manny Padilla won the 132 lb. weight class. He used a 455 lb. squat, a 235 lb. bench, a 430 lb. dead lift to total 1,120 lbs.
The final Mustang to win the gold was Uriel Arellano who won in the 220 lb. weight class. His total of 1,325 included a 505 lb. squat, a 345 lb. bench press and a 475 lb. dead lift.
Other Finishes
132 lb. weight class: Ryan Juarez-3rd place: 385 lb. squat, 200 lb. bench press, 400 lb. dead lift-985 lb. total. Evy Curiel-5th place: 340 lb. squat, 160 lb. bench press, 365 lb. dead lift-865 lb. total.
148 lb. weight class: Diego Zapata-3rd place: 430 lb. squat, 205 lb. bench press, 440 lb. dead lift-1,075 lb. total. Matthew Contreras-4th place: 400 lb. squat, 225 lb. bench press, 375 lb. dead lift-1,000 lb. total. Saul Valadez-7th place: 370 lb. squat, 185 lb. bench press, 365 lb. dead lift-920 lb. total.
165 lb. weight class: Isaas Rios-9th place: 290 lb. squat, 170 lb. bench press, 365 lb. dead lift-825 lb. total. Reese McDole-11th place: 295 lb. squat, 175 lb. bench press, 280 dead lift-750 lb. total.
181 lb. weight class: Joel Rios-2nd place: 430 lb. squat, 240 lb. bench press, 495 lb. dead lift-1,165 lb. total. Joel Mendez-4th place: 405 lb. squat, 225 lb. bench press, 365 lb. dead lift-995 lb. total. Victor Castaneda-7th place: 315 lb. squat, 200 lb. bench press, 345 lb. dead lift-860 lb. total.
198 lb. weight class: Michael Martinez-2nd place: 540 lb. squat, 260 lb. bench press, 465 lb. dead lift-1,265 lb. total. Chance Lamb-4th place: 415 lb. squat, 260 lb. bench press, 510 lb. dead lift-1,185 lb. total. Isaiah Gomez-6th place: 440 lb. squat, 235 lb. bench press, 440 lb. dead lift-1,115 lb. total. Fabian Ruiz-8th place: 370 lb. squat, 200 lb. bench press, 370 lb. dead lift-940 lb. total.
220 lb. weight class: Jeremiah Gomez-5th place: 500 lb. squat, 250 lb. bench press, 425 lb. dead lift-1,175 lb. total.
“I am really proud of how our boys finished the regular season,” Coach Martinez said. “They have done a great job all year of competing at a high level and Thursday was no different. It’s really exciting to see them expect to win and have the mindset and understanding of what it takes to get the job done week in and week out.”
Regional Bound: The following Mustangs have qualified for Regional which will be held in two weeks: Manny Padilla, Ryan Juarez, Evy Curiel (Alternate), Diego Zapata, Joel Rios, Michael Martinez, Chance Lamb (Alternate), Uriel Arellano, Oscar Ramirez, Paul Billalobos and Victor Cruz.
We will have a regional preview in next week’s Devine News.
By Eric Smith