A record seven Lady Mustangs set for Regional meet in Carrizo Springs

Samantha Sancez, Julian Owens, Bryanna Perez, Anastasia Rodriguez, Julianna Morales, Dezarae Perez, and Gabrielle Santoya qualified for the Regional powerlifting meet.

The Natalia Mustang Powerlifting program has broken yet another record, as seven girls in blue have qualified and will compete at the Regional Lift Meet this coming Saturday in Carrizo Springs. According to Coach Tara Cortinas this will be the sixth consecutive regional meet the girls in blue will compete at.
“Our veterans Julianna Morales, Anastasia Rodriguez, Samantha Sanchez and Dezarae Perez will lead us into competition this weekend with their key ingredients being commitment, discipline and grit,” Cortinas said. “It is part of who they are, what their team is about and how they create opportunities to continue the tradition.”
The following is a preview of each of the seven lifters from the eyes of Coach Tara Cortinas:
Samantha Sanchez, Junior-Ranked 5th in Region-97 lb. weight class
“Sammie is fired up as she advances to her second regional meet with expectations of advancing to the state competition. She faced some adversity this year, but was ready to bounce back like never before. She has been putting in the work, attacking her weaknesses and is ready to show that as she will focus on yet another year competing at the highest level.” Best Lifts: Squat-240, Bench-135, Deadlift-245, Total- 620.
Julian Owens, Junior-Ranked 12th in Region-97 lb. weight class
“Julia is a newcomer this year and has been committed from day one of the season. Her will to learn was evident and we knew she would find a way to climb her way up. We are excited for the opportunity she has and we know she will rise to the occasion.” Best Lifts: Squat-205, Bench-110, Deadlift-230, Total-545.
Bryanna Perez, Sophomore-Ranked 7th in Region-105 lb. weight class
“Another newcomer this year, Bry has fully committed herself to the program, secured a regional meet spot and we know she has more left in the tank. We are excited to get her there and confident that she will hit numbers she hasn’t hit before.” Best Lifts: Squat-245, Bench-125, Deadlift-250, Total-610.
Anastasia Rodriguez, Senior-Ranked 10th in Region-105 lb. weight class
“Simply put, Ana has had incredible focus this season. From the get go, she acknowledged her weakest lifts and made time to ask questions, practice and perfect them. She was able to end her final regular season meet with solid lifts and gain the confidence needed to compete at her third regional meet.” Best Lifts: Squat-225, Bench-145, Deadlift-225, Total-585.
Julianna Morales, Senior-Ranked 2nd in Region-132 lb. weight class
“Juju will be attending her fourth straight regional meet and will be fighting for a regional championship. She will be a familiar face who knows what it takes and has the knowledge and experience to make it happen. We are ready to see her showcase her best.” Best Lifts: Squat-345, Bench-180, Deadlift-305, Total-805.
Dezarae Perez, Sophomore, Ranked 10th in Region- 148 lb. weight class
“Last year Dez barely missed the regional qualifying total, but had the opportunity to attend as an alternate which exposed her to the level of competition and left her hungry to get back as a competitor. Her confidence and resilience this year allowed her to have an extremely consistent season and we expect nothing less from her this weekend. Best Lifts: Squat-305, Bench-155, Deadlift-320, Total-775.
Gabrielle Santoya, Sophomore, Ranked 12th in Region-165 lb. weight class
“We are proud of Gabi for fighting for this opportunity- first time regional qualifier. She has given her best effort by focusing on technique and this season, which is definitely paying off. We know she will show up ready to compete and help our team win.” Best Lifts: Squat-325, Bench-150, Deadlift-290, Total-755.
Regional Meet
Carrizo Springs High School will be the site of the Regional Lift Meet once again. Come out and support the girls in blue as they look to keep the tradition going.
By Eric Smith