Mustang powerlifting wins 1st place at TSS Meet

The Natalia Mustang Powerlifting team was able to pull in their second straight 1st place finish of the season after a strong showing last Thursday at the Texas Strength Systems Meet. The Boys in Blue were able to finish with 41 team points to beat the competition from 15+ competitive schools in attendance.
“It was another very hard fought win for our boys program,” Coach Tyler Seiler said. “Once again the competition was tough and every point we could get mattered. Our veteran lifters remained the foundation, but I was very excited to see our younger lifters start to rise to the occasion.”
The Natalia Mustangs 41 team points edged out 2nd place Cotulla (34), 3rd place Jourdanton (22) along with Devine (17), Blanco (17), Wimberley (13), Pleasanton (12), Holy Cross (12), Marion (10), Cole (6), Kennedy (3), Canyon Lake (1), Yoakum and Southwest Legacy.
Here is a look at other Mustangs who finished in the top three of their respective weight classes (Squat, Bench Press, Dead-lift, Total):
165 lb. Wc:Adrian Vasquez-1st place 505-245-510-1,260; Diego Zapata-3rd place 470-225-405-1,100.
220 lb. Wc:Michael Martinez 2nd place- 600-315-500-1,415; Jeremiah Gomez-3rd place 450-270-500-1,220.
242 lb. Wc:Uriel Arellano-1st place 550-435-500-1,485; Isaiah Sanchez-3rd place 510-245-500-1,255.
275 lb. Wc: Paul Billalobos-1st place 615-335-540-1,490; Diego Hernandez-2nd place 450-245-420-1,115; Aubrey Cummings-3rd place 450-320-335-1,150.
Other Mustangs who competed and placed included:Anthony Garza (114 lb. wc) 4th-600 lb. Total, Donovan Hawkins (132 lb. wc) 4th-880 lb. Total, Wyatt Owens (132 lb. wc) 8th-785 lb. Total, Noah Gilkey (132 lb. wc) 9th-720 lb. Total, Marco Morales (132 lb. wc) 10th-695 lb. Total, Gianni Rios (148 lb. wc) 11th-775 lb. Total, Roberto Hernandez (148 lb. wc) 18th-685 lb. Total, Elijah Banda (165 lb. wc) 6th-1,025 lb. Total, Saul Valadez (165 lb. wc) 10th-945 lb. Total, Chris Saldana (165 lb. wc) 11th-945 lb. Total, Landon McDole (165 lb. wc) 17th-930 lb. Total, Fabian Ruiz (181 lb. wc) 7th-1,050 lb. Total, Isaac Rios (181 lb. wc) 8th-1,035 lb. Total, Devin Perez (198 lb. wc) 9th-1,035 lb. Total, Dustin Soto (242 lb. wc) 4th-1,250 lb. Total, Gustavo Gomez (242 lb. wc) 5th-1,205 lb. Total.
“We are one step closer to where we need to be,” Coach Seiler said.
The Natalia Mustangs will be back in action February 13th at the Texas Strength Systems Gym.
By Eric Smith
Staff Writer