While driving to the ranch my little man exclaimed very sweetly, “Look at the pretty sunflowers, mama!”
I smiled, happy with how much he loves life, happy that I’ve managed to teach a big, strong manly boy to “smell the flowers,” and be the sensitive loving little guy that he is, no matter how tough he is.
But I smiled even harder when we passed a construction zone that really made his day. There were many objects of his affection, but it was a dirt pile that thrilled him most.
“Wow! Mama, look at that! A big pile of dirt!” he said in a deep manly voice from his baby car seat.
He keeps us all entertained. When I walked in the door the other day, Tucker gave me a loud introduction as he escorted me in by taking hold of my legs. “Look! It’s my mother-mama!” he said.
My mom always despised kids calling her mother. But I’m kinda liking the ring of my new title, mother-mama. It’s kind of a tongue twister. Try to say it five times fast. You can’t, and neither can Tucker.
So not only is it cute, but it also makes the kids slow down a little bit while they are asking me for things or demanding my attention. It sure beats the sound of “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!”
Talk at ya next week. In the meantime, don’t forget to notice the pretty flowers, or the awesome giant piles of dirt.