Courthouse annex opening Aug. 27

Been a whole week and no rain…more is projected, which is good. Gives what we got a chance to soak in a little. The abundance of rain did expose a leak on the house that had appeared since losing half the roof on my storage building. Woo Hoo!!…more unwanted repairs. Good thing is….no 100 degree days yet.
Was kind of a slow meeting with only a few items of interest. We made short work of getting through the Agenda…longest part was the break between the 9 o’clock session and the 10 o’clock session.
We are in the process of approving Paid Quarantine Leave for our First Responders who are bound by job description to be available during events such as the Corona (not the w/lime type) virus and other emergency situations.
We also hooked up with Patillo Brown and Hill to do our FY 20-21 Annual Financial Audit after a bunch of vacating and re-platting.
The break in the rain has allowed us to start our paving project and allowed us to fall a little behind in the shredding our right of ways. We went out Monday morning to address some of the more hazardous locations before getting back to the paving.
Haven’t heard back from Representative Murr or Senator Gutierrez yet concerning property appraisals and unfunded mandates…ain’t holdin my breath either. Just curious how many voting citizens took the time to send them a letter.
Was told at the July 15th meeting that our move in date for the Courthouse Annex would be August 27th! That’s easy to remember, lotta famous people were born on that day…Lyndon B. Johnson, Kenneth Wells, Wesley Beck Sr., and the original Don Morgan.
Well Murdock, don’t have to tell you how many days it is till Christmas…every day is Christmas for you now. For those of us still here, its 147 days away…