Mission: kitchen sink

So my little son is honing his climbing skills quite excellently. His newest thing is learning how to climb my kitchen cabinets, by clinging to the tiny ledges around my cabinet doors so he can try to climb into our kitchen sink…..over and over and over.
Oh my goodness! Up until this point, I have been able to sort of fight off his climbing adventures by preventing them–making it impossible….turning my chairs over so he can’t use them climb on the table and so forth. But, there just doesn’t seem to be any way I can baby proof my kitchen cabinets from being a ladder to the kitchen sink. It’s really driving me nuts. So anyway, I guess I better start washing my dishes on a regular 5-minute basis, or he will be climbing in the sink and unloading them onto the floor–that little sneaky boy. He doesn’t respond well to redirection either.
He throws a “wild-eye” fit as my mom might describe it every time we thwart his mission to the Kitchen sink. It’s as if he thinks he truly belongs in the sink, like as if I ever let him play in there. He starts rubbing his hands together while he screams, pretending he needs to wash his hands, too.
But shortly after I pulled him out of the kitchen sink for the 4th time in a row the other night, I sat with him on the couch, singing him to sleep…..and after a few minutes, he looked just like an angel, again. Sleeping in my arms beside the pretty glow of our Christmas tree lights, what an angel.
Hopefully the little angel doesn’t try to find his way to the top of our Christmas tree too!