Medina County Jr. Stock Show this week

The Medina County Jr. Livestock Show kicks off this Wednesday, January 22 and concludes with the Premium Auction on Saturday, January 25.
Wednesday, January 22
6 am – 3:30 pm Swin arrive
4:00 pm Breeding Swine check in
5:00 pm Market Swine weigh in & classify
Commercial heifers may arrive
6:30 pm Broiler check in at show ring
7:00 pm Broiler Show
Broilers released after show

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Thursday, January 23
7:00 AM Breeding Swine Show followed by
Market Swine Show
Swine Showmanship (breeding & market)
Swine released after show
8 am – 9 am Rabbits arrive
8 am – 10 am Commercial Heifers arrive
(Turn in record books &
Schedule interview by 10 am)
9:00 am Rabbit Showmanship
Rabbit Sift & Show
Rabbits released after show
10:00 am Commercial Heifer Show (judging)
10 am Halter Heifers & Steers may start arriving
1:00 pm Commercial Heifer Show (interviews)
7 pm – 10 pm Lambs & Goats arrive

Friday, January 24
5 am – 7 am Lambs & Goats arrived
7 am – 8 am Market Goat weigh in
Breeding Goat check in
Breeding Sheep check in
8 am – 9 am Halter Heifer & Steer check in; classify
8 am – 9 am Market Lamb weight in and classify
8 am – 10 am Ag Mechanics projects arrive
9:00 am Breeding Goat show followed by
Market Goat Show
Breeding & Market Goat Showmanship
Goats released after show
10:00 am Halter Heifer Show followed by
Steer Show
Beef Showmanship (heifer & steer)
Heifers & Steers released after show
11:00 am Ag Mechanics Show
Ag Mechanics released after show
12:00 noon (or following goat showmanship)
Breeding Lamb Show followed by
Market Lamb Show
Breeding & Market Lamb Showmanship
Lambs released after show
5:00 pm Commercial Heifer Sale
Saturday, January 25
8:00 am Top 20 Buyers Breakfast
11:00 am Premium Auction

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