MCHC maps cemeteries

We got about 23.6 inches of rain so far this year compared to 46.2 at this time last year…I’d say we are a little behind. After Thanksgivening for the last week, I don’t think we can all say behind swole a little after wearin eatin britches for three days straight.
The Medina County Historical Commission presented us with a map of historical cemeteries within the County and I was surprised at the number of documented locations. We were told that they were not all on the map. Contact them if you have one stuck away in the middle of your property that has gone unnoticed for years and have it added to the list.
We also presented two employees with service awards. Cindy Fowler was presented with a 20 year Certificate and the 15 year recipient did not show, which was no surprise.
Other than accepting ESD resignations and reappointing new members, there was not a whole lotta stuff to speak of that went on in Commissioners Court….other than we have a contract on our old yard (Rose Hill).
Soon as we listed the place with Cindy Morales, we got a taker. Our main focus now is moving our junk from one place to the other and getting used to showing up at a new location to start our day. Gracie Martinez is all happy cause she gets to go furniture shopping and getting ready to move into her new office.
With the extra space that is conducive (see Mrs. Langley, I can use big words) to our type of operation and the potential to expand our services, I am looking forward to the opportunities that this location will provide.
Got a meeting on the Courthouse Annex and Jail Expansion this morning (Tuesday) so the results are pending.
Don’t need to tell Murdock the number of day till Christmas cause he has the calendar turned to December and he can count the days his own self. We need rain so axe the Big Guy to please send us some rain or a foot or two of snow.