Lytle Police Report

Dec. 28
12:24 AM – Officer responded to Mc Self-Storage and initiated a field contact with a male individual who was rearranging a storage unit. No signs of criminal activity.
1:47 AM Capt. Reyes – Suspicious Activity Officer responded to Taqueria Jalisco and initiated a field contact with an individual who was dropped off at a truck tractor in the parking lot of location. After further investigation, officer found no signs of criminal activity. The driver was getting ready to leave for a route/trip.
2:00 AM – Officer responded to Oak St. at Florence St. for a report of an open gate that led to a black sedan in the back yard of a residence with its trunk open. The homeowner stated a gas can had spilled in the car and she was airing it out. Extra patrols requested.
2:14 AM – Officers responded to 14800 Blk. of Lytle-Somerset St. for a report of loud music. Officers were unable to hear any loud music upon arrival. The tenant stated he was playing music for a short period and turned it off.
4:04 PM – Officer responded to Pine St. at Adams St. and talked to complainant about a utility pole leaning. CPS was notified and stated they will send someone to check it.
7:35 PM – Officer responded to HEB Plus for a report of a two-vehicle crash.
Dec. 29
1:50 PM – Officer responded to Tots to Teens to unlock a vehicle.
9:04 PM – Officer responded to Lytle Mini Storage and initiated a field contact with a vehicle behind the mini storage. Officer spoke with the driver who stated he was looking through the discarded items for anything of value.
11:30 PM – Officers responded to 14800 Blk. of Lytle-Somerset St. for a report of loud music. Officers could hear the loud music through the door and knocked repeatedly but the resident did not answer. However, the music was turned off.
Dec. 30
1:54 AM – Traffic stop at 18800 Blk. of N. Benton St. resulted in the arrest of a 23-year-old male subject for having an Active Warrant out of Bexar Co. for an Original Charge of Possession of Controlled Substance PG1 1-4g. Subject was transported to Atascosa Co.
3:35 AM – Officer responded to 100 Blk. of FM 3175 to assist Atascosa Co. with stopping a suspicious vehicle leaving a residence.
4:25 AM – Notice Officers responded to HEB C-Store and issued a Criminal Trespass Warning at the request of the manager.
6:27 AM – Officer responded to HEB C-Store to assist Lytle Vol. Fired Dept. with a fuel spill.
9:46 AM – Officer responded to HEB C-Store to unlock a vehicle.
1:34 PM – Officer responded to NAPA Auto Parts for a report of a stolen catalytic converter. A light-colored SUV was seen entering the NAPA parking lot the night before removing the catalytic converter from the NAPA delivery vehicle. Case under investigation.
1:45 PM – Officer released property back to owner’s family member.
2:10 PM – Officer responded to Bruce St. at Harbour St. to assist Lytle Animal control with a loose potbelly pig.
2:23 PM – Officers responded to Pumphouse Car Wash for a report of complainant having trouble with 4 subjects that were in a wash bay. Subjects departed prior to officers’ arrival.
11:21 PM – Officer responded to Grand Somerset Apartments for a report of ongoing loud music coming form an apartment. Complainant stated it’s been going on for 3 months now. Complainant heard loud and very bass music through the door and into the stairwell.
Dec. 31
2:20 AM – Officers responded to Main St. at McDonald St. for a report of a vehicle being chased by another vehicle coming North on Hwy. 132. Officers were flagged down by the vehicle being chased. Officers initiated a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle. Further investigation revealed that all, if any, offenses occurred in Natalia. Actors were referred to Medina Co. SO/Natalia PD for further action.
8:25 AM – Officer visited 12 local restaurants and provided information about the update to reduce to 50% occupancy effective 12/31/20.
3:19 PM – Officer responded to S. Somerset St. at Main St. for a report of a two-vehicle crash.
5:03 PM – Vehicle Lockout @ Camino Real Admin Officers on FM 3175.
5:09 PM –Verbal disturbance at HEB C-Store relating to a road rage incident, the suspect departed prior to the arrival of the officer.
9:02 PM – Officer located a driver on IH-35 @ MM 131 NB who stated they were lost and running out of gas. Gas and directions were provided, and the motorist went on their way.
Jan. 1
8:09 AM – Business Alarm at McDonald’s. An unsecured door was located and secured.
8:30 AM – Officers were flagged down and asked to check on a male on FM 2790 at the N. Prong Atascosa River. Officers located the male; he was okay, and he was provided a courtesy ride.
1:49 PM – Officers assisted w/ traffic control as the fire dept. extinguished two small grass fires on the side of IH-35, just inside the Bexar Co. line.
2:36 PM – Officers responded to the 19300 Blk. of IH-35 for a residential alarm, officers checked the residence. A relative showed up and said he accidently set off the alarm.
5:47 PM – Report of Fireworks in the Harris Trailer Park, unable to locate.
8:27 PM – Assisted an elderly resident with a problem with her heater.
11:52 PM – Stood by at closing time at Yum Market due to suspicious persons at the location.
Jan. 2
12:18 AM – Officers responded to the Lytle Mini-Storage, they were not able to locate the suspicious person or their vehicle.
12:40 AM – Suspicious Vehicle Mason @ Wisdom. Officers located the vehicle; it was unoccupied and not creating a traffic hazard
12:32 AM – Officers located a gate to the mini storage on Main St. that appeared damaged.
12:50 AM – Officers located a suspicious vehicle and identified 3 juveniles who were out past curfew, they were released to their parents.
2:05 AM – Officers responded to 19700 IH-35 for a 911 hang-up call. It appeared to be an issue with the phone line. No one was present at the business.
2:18 AM – Officer provided a courtesy to an individual walking on south on Main St.
3:00 AM – BCSO had a truck located at Sheppard and IH35 with an ATM in the bed, they suggested that we check all our ATMs in town. They were all okay.
10:15 AM – Civil Matter (child custody) met comp. at P.D.
1:00 PM – Officers responded to the 18000 Blk. of Wisdom Rd. for a hospice death.
8:30 PM – A Hidalgo St. resident reported a suspicious vehicle that parked in front of her house around midnight on the prior day.
8:39 PM – It was reported that a Nintendo Switch game console and controller (valued at $369.94) was taken from HEB Plus around 4:30 PM.
10:25 PM – Report of Fireworks near Lytle City Hall. Officer was unable to locate.
10:25 PM – Report of Loud Music on CR 6842. It was determined the music was coming from a residence outside the city limits.
Jan. 3
12:35 AM – Officer assisted with a call on Lolita Dr. in the Quail Creek Subdivision
10:25 AM – Civil Matter (child custody) met comp. at P.D.
11:05 AM – Family members “chased” of two trespassers at a residence on Wisdom. A short altercation occurred.
12:18 PM – Civil Matter (child custody) met comp. at P.D.
7:20 PM – Officers took a report of a natural death at the nursing home, the deceased was under hospice care.