Local urgent care clinic to receive new rapid COVID testing machine

Test swabs are running low, and lab results are taking longer and longer to come back as Texas is overwhelmed with new cases.  Dr. Richard Neel at Little Alsace Urgent Care is doing everything he can to provide faster testing at his clinics. Officials know this is key to informing patients so they can and will properly quarantine.

“We have ordered a machine that can test for the antigen and give a rapid result in 10 minutes,” Dr. Neel said. “We expect it to arrive within the next week hopefully.  We have been swabbing 20-25 people per day (some from local area as well as some from SA area who came here for treatment). Of those, we are seeing an average of 8-9 positives come in per day over the last two weeks. We had as many as 15 positives come in one day recently, but they are of course, not all from Medina County.”

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