Linda Mask has been teaching an impressive 48 years

Most teachers do not remain in the profession many years past the opportunity to retire. But, to someone as dedicated to her career of teaching as Linda Mask has been, perhaps 48 years is just a number. Linda says that, not only has she taught several of her fellow teachers in the Lytle school system, she also taught the superintendent!
Born in Louisiana, Linda lived in Mexico from the ages of 2 to 6 because her father worked for the government in oil exploration. She shares that when she was just a child, the family made a quick decision to move back to the USA when it was discovered that her father’s powerful position had created a dangerous threat of kidnapping to her and her brother.
After returning to the states, the family made several moves, and thus Linda attended four different elementary schools in Texas. Eventually, they settled in Beaumont. Graduating in 1965, Linda enjoyed a successful athletic career in high school that included rodeoing and being chosen Top Girl Athlete out of 200 in the year she graduated. She even went on to play for two years for the Baylor University women’s basketball team. She recalls that during that first year, the girls played half court; then, in her second year, she was able to play full court. At Baylor, Linda earned her BA and MS in Education.

48 year veteran teacher Linda Mask featured (center) with everyone whom she taught who works in the Lytle ISD District.

When Linda began her tenure at Lytle, she started out in the elementary school. But, she kept being moved up to teach math and algebra in the junior high. She was asked to accept the role of principal several times; however, she states that she always preferred to interact with the students. “I enjoy watching when their faces light up when they understand some concepts they had had trouble with.”
After 48 years of teaching in the same community, Linda fondly shares, “When we have Meet the Parents night, I usually already know most of them. She has even had parents say to her, “He’s yours. Do what you need to get him going.“ Proudly, Linda concludes, “In the last five years, my scores on the STAAR test for algebra have been 100% passing!“
Outside of teaching, Linda likes to play fantasy sports and sell on eBay. She has sold over 30 puzzles in the last few months as well as all types of other items. Linda also has a booth in the antique store Under the Rainbow in Castroville where she mainly sells collectibles.
Not yet ready to retire, Linda says, “I plan to teach a few more years since I’m in good health. I have a good schedule and enjoy working with students. Hopefully, we can get back to classrooms.” She also says that she wants to travel. Unfortunately, she had her summer trip on a ship in the Great Lakes cancelled. Linda is also trying to go to as many MLB baseball stadiums as she can, adding, “I’ve already been to about 12.”
Linda has four children. Brian and Tara are both landscape architects. Brian designed the landscaping at La Cantera and part of the Pearl. Tara designed the landscaping at the Tobin Center. Linda’s son Kirk is a CPA and was chosen as one of the top 40 businessmen in San Antonio. Linda’s other daughter Jessica lives in Wilmington, Delaware, where she designed and runs the special-needs program in a Quaker school.
Needless to say, Linda finds great joy not only from her teaching but also from her children and five grandchildren: Kylie, Hudson, Gracie, Carson, and Gus. Being with her family is important, and she says that watching her grandchildren grow up is fun. Meanwhile, she states, “I’ll continue hitting flea markets and garage sales for selling at the antique store and on eBay.”