Lady Mustangs prepare for district


The Lady Mustangs headed to Nixon Smiley on December 27 and 28 and put up a great fight against every team they faced. Led by Coach Doug Lum, the team was 1-2 against Stockdale, Nixon Smiley, and Yorktown.
Jelli Padilla and Mariah Joseph were named to the All Tournament Team!
Playing against Stockdale in their first game, Padilla led with 17 points in the 45-37 victory. Bry Perez 9, Angie Zapata 8, Joseph 6, Raven Sanchez 3, and Kate Corona 2. “We came together as a team at the Nixon Tournament. We played really well and got some shots to go down in the 4th quarter against Stockdale.” Coach Lum
Nixon Smiley put up a tougher offense and the Lady Mustangs struggled to stop their drive but were able to get their own points in the board. Natalia fell 34-55. Padilla 14, Zapata 9, Sanchez 4, Joseph 4.
In the final game against Yorktown, the Lady Mustangs head up well against the tougher school and did not let Yorktown run away with the game. The Lady Mustangs fought hard but lost 31-54. Perez 9, Zapata 7.
In their first game of the new year, the Lady Mustangs got off to a rough start but learned a lot from playing against Randolph. After the 14-46 loss, the Lady Mustangs still fought hard every moment of the game and worked on their game to prepare for district.
“Randolph was extremely tough defensively. We have one more game before district play starts. We have come a long way this season but we are still working hard to get better every day. I believe that if we continue to improve we can compete for a playoff spot and give ourselves a shot at the District Championship. We have to believe in each other and work together as a team to make it happen.” Coach Lum
The Lady Mustangs will face Cotulla in their first district match this Friday night and then in Harmony Tuesday before returning home to play Dilley.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer