Lady Mustangs fight hard agiant Sabinal and Devine Tourney opponents

Varsity Natalia Mustang #5 Angelina Duenes puts the ball into play.

By Noah Gilkey
The Natalia Lady Mustangs kicked off their season last Tuesday, the 16th at home against Sabinal High school. The Ladies played a tough three round series against Sabinal, and while unfortunately fell 0-3, showed potential for a promising season ahead.
Sophomore Lady Mustang Tommie Gunn led the team in assists, earning 18 assists throughout all three matches against Sabinal. Sophomore Abigail Fulton made a showing as well, earning 18 digs, 2 aces, and 8 kills.
With a 3 day turnaround the Varsity Lady Mustangs travelled to Devine high school on Saturday, the 19th to take part in the Devine Varsity Tournament. Slated for 3 games, the Varsity Lady Mustangs competed first against Three Rivers High School and played hard before falling in two games. Sophomore Anaya Jones led the team with an impressive 9 kills and 7 aces. Sophomore Tommie Gunn again led in assists with 10 from her hand, and Abigail Fulton had 8 digs.

Varsity Natalia Mustang #2 Anaya Jones receives a tough serve from middle back.

A few hours later the Lady Mustangs were up again against the Devine Arabians. The Lady Mustangs fought hard but fell just short against the Arabians on their home court. Sophomore Anaya Jones again led the Lady Mustangs across notable stats with 7 kills and 1 block, Angelina Solis made her presence known with 5 digs, and Tommie Gunn did what she does best and put the ball up for 11 assists.
Moving to their last game of the day the Lady Mustangs played a hard fought game against Fox Tech High School but again fell just short of the win. Anaya Jones and Angelina Solis led in kills with 6 to each of them, Angelina led in digs with 8, and Angelina Duenes earned 3 aces.
Day two of the tourney began for the Lady Mustangs against Somerset High School, with sophomore Tommie Gunn leading across stats for the Lady Mustangs with 3 kills and 3 aces. The Lady Mustangs played a tough game before falling to Somerset.
Moving to their next game the Lady Mustangs were hungry for a win and earned themselves one against Ingleside High School. Angelina Solis put up an impressive 8 kills and 2 blocks, and Anaya Jones led in digs with 6.
The Lady Mustangs closed out the tournament competing well against Crystal City High School, unfortunately falling short of the win in the end. Sophomore Anaya Jones led no matter which direction the ball was being sent with 5 kills and 9 digs by the end of the game. Sophomore Abigail Thompson put up 2 blocks, Sophomore Angelina Solis put down 4 kills, and Sophomore Abigail Fulton earned 7 digs.
Overall a great two days of competition and learning for the Lady Mustangs, they are more ready and hungry for the rest of their season and eager to improve as it moves along.

Complete stats: At Sabinal 
Kills: Anaya Jones and Abigail Fulton with 8
Assists: Tommie Gunn with 18
Aces: Abigail Fulton with 2 
Blocks: Abigail Thompson with 1
Digs: Abigail Fulton with our 18 and Anaya Jones with 8

Devine Tourney
Game 1 against Three Rivers 
Kills: Anaya Jones with 9 and Angelina Solis with 2
Assists: Tommie Gunn with 10
Aces: Angelina Solis and Valerie Saenz with 2
Digs: Abigail Fulton with 8 and Anaya Jones with 7

Game 2 against Devine 
Kills: Anaya Jones with 7 and Angelina Solis with 3
Assists: Tommie Gunn with 11
Aces: Abigail Fulton with 2
Blocks: Anaya Jones with 1
Digs: Angelina Solis with 5

Game 3 against Fox Tech
Kills: Anaya Jones and Angelina Solis with 6
Assists: Tommie Gunn with 17
Aces: Angelina Duenes with 3
Digs: Angelina Duenes with 8, Anaya Jones and Abigail Fulton with 6

Game 4 against Somerset
Kills: Tommie Gunn and Abigail Fulton with 3
Assists: Anaya Jones with 6
Aces: Tommie Gunn with 3
Digs: Marissa Castro and Valerie Saenz with 3

Game 5 against Ingleside 
Kills: Angelina Solis with 8 and Anaya Jones with 7
Assists: Tommie Gunn with 15
Aces: Valerie Saenz with 5
Blocks: Abigail Thompson and Angelina Solis with 2
Digs: Anaya Jones with 6

Game 6 against Crystal City
Kills: Anaya Jones with 5 and Angelina Solis with 4
Assists: Tommie Gunn with 9
Aces: Abigail Fulton with 3
Blocks: Abigail Thompson with 2
Digs: Anaya Jones with 9 and Abigail Fulton with 7