Devine Tennis opens District against Uvalde

Arabian Savanna Pequeno slams one over during the varsity tennis match.
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The Devine High School Tennis team played their district match against Uvalde on August 18th.
Varsity results
Victor Schaefer/Logan Davis lost 0-6,1-6; Victor lost 3-6,2-6, Logan lost 0-6,0-6.
Ethin Erwin/Hector Garza lost 1-6,2-6; Ethin lost 2-6,4-6, Hector lost 2-6,3-6.
Ethan Gelinas/Tanner Davis lost 1-6,2-6; Ethan lost 1-6,2-6, Tanner lost 2-6,0-6.
Jordan Erxleben/Savanna Pequeno lost 1-6,2-6; Jordan lost 1-6,0-6, Savanna lost 4-6,0-6.
Kelsey Dishman/Oakley Malone lost 4-6,6-4,4-10; Kelsey lost 1-6,3-6, Oakley lost 6-8.
Joselyn Guajardo/Brianna Schaefer lost 3-6,2-6; Joselyn lost 0-6,4-6, Brianna lost 1-6,1-6.
Johnathon Gelinas/Danelly Rodriguez won 6-3,6-4; Johnathon lost 1-6,3-6, Danelly lost 1-6,2-6.

JV results
Brooks Poppe lost 0-8, Adam Salinas lost 4-8, Bobby Herrera lost 2-8, Matthew Pequeno lost 0-8, Lucas Head lost 1-8, Isaiah Camacho lost 1-8, Trinity Spurgers lost 3-8, Victoria Nunez won 8-3, Bailey Ornelas lost 4-8, Samson Yanez lost 0-8, Jeremiah Cardenas lost 0-8, Jilliyn Guajardo lost 6-8, Adam Moreno lost 1-8, Iris Stricker won 8-6, Curtis Kuykendall lost 0-8, Juan Zamaro lost 1-8, Jacelyn Delaney lost 1-8, Michael Biediger lost 0-8, Felix Mendoza lost 0-8, Zack Martinez lost 1-8, Abby Saunders lost 3-8, Alanna Monreal 2-8, Adam Salinas lost 2-8, Matthew Pequeno lost 0-8, Brooks Poppe won 8-4, Kellie Brown lost 2-8, Isaiah Camacho lost 0-8, Bobby Herrera won 8-5, Lily Lawless lost 6-8, Lucas Head lost 3-8, Cydney Shuler lost 0-8, Savanah Shuler lost 4-8, Miranda Guerrero lost 0-8, Jacelyn Delaney lost 0-8, Eirys Wallace lost 0-8, Abby Saunders won 8-4, Hope Ramirez won 8-0, Kellie Brown lost 7-9, Victoria Nunez/Trinity Spurgers won 8-5, Curtis Kuykendall/Jeremiah Cardenas lost 2-8, Zack Martinez/Samson Yanez lost 1-8, Isaiah Camacho/Lucas Head lost 1-8, Michael Biediger/Felix Mendoza lost 0-6, Hope Ramirez/Miranda Guerrero lost 2-8, Alanna Monreal/Iris Stricker won 6-3, Isaiah Camacho/Lucas Head lost 0-8, Brooks Poppe/Adam Salinas lost 0-8, Cydney Shuler/Savanah Shuler lost 0-8, Iris Stricker/Alanna Monreal lost 3-8, Matthew Pequeno/Bobby Herrera lost 3-8, Felix Mendoza/Michael Biediger lost 0-8, Juan Zamora/Adam Moreno lost 2-8, Brooks Poppe/Adam Salinas won 8-2, Cydney Shuler/Savanah Shuler won 6-2, Jacelyn Delaney/Kelli Brown lost 1-8, Abby Saunders/Jilliyn Guajardo lost 7-9.
Devine played Tuloso-Midway on Friday, August 19, a highly ranked team. “Overall we lost 5-14 to a highly ranked team. We were very competitive and fought to the very end. This is the best performance we have had in 3 years playing T-M at their house. I am excited about the progress we are making, and look forward to having a chance to avenge our last year performance against Hondo on Wednesday,” said Coach Felter.
Victor Schaefer/Logan Davis lost 1-6,3-6, Victor won 5-7,6-3,10-5, Logan lost 1-6,0-6, Ehtin Erwin/Hector Garza lost 1-6, 2-6, Ethin lost 1-6,1-6, Hector lost 1-6,3-6, Ethan Gelinas/Tanner Davis lost 1-6,2-6, Tanner lost 1-6,2-6, Ethan lost 0-4,0-4, Ethan lost 2-4,1-4, Brooks Poppe lost 0-4,0-4, then lost 1-4,0-4, then lost 0-4,0-4, Johnathon Gelinas/Kelsey Dishman won 5-3,5-7,10-7, Johnathon lost 2-6,3-6, Kelsey won 6-3,7-6(7-3), Savanna Pequeno/Jordan Erxleben lost 4-6,1-6, Jordan lost 2-6,0-6, Savanna lost 3-6,6-2,5-10, Danelly Rodriguez/Victoria Nunez won 6-3,6-1, Danelly Rodriguez lost 6-7,3-6, Victoria lost 3-6,5-7, Oakley Malone/Joselyn Guajardo won 6-7(8-10),6-4,10-4, Oakley lost 3-5,0-4, Joselyn won 4-0,4-1, Brianna lost 0-4,1-4, then won 4-0,4-2.
“We had a very disappointing performance against a very good Uvalde team,” said Coach Mark Feltner.
Wednesday, August 24th they head to Hondo for their second district match.