Lady Mustangs continue to play hard

Tuesday evening the Lady Mustangs took on Ingram at home coming away with 2 wins on the night. The JV Lady Mustangs won 38 to 19, and the varsity won 35 to 22. Both teams played extremely well. The JV is finding a way with less and less players due to various reasons, but they are working hard and making good things happen. The varsity has yet to play a game with all 10 members available. Each of the girls is starting to settle into their role, and they are finding that they are being asked to do some things that they haven’t done in the past. I’ve asked a lot out of the girls, and they continue to step and make it happen. It’s nice to see them playing strong team ball. The scoring is spread out, so it’s harder for teams to guard us than if we just had 1 or 2 scorers. The Lady Mustangs will take on Utopia Friday night at home, and travel to Three Rivers on Saturday.
JV Stats: Trina Vera 5, Trista Boucher 20, Angelina Duenes 13. Q1 8-2, Q2 21-10, Q3 27-13, Q4 38-19. FTP 50%.
Varsity Stats: Tina Fulton 6, Bella Martinez 5, Sophi Padilla 3, Heidi Vasquez 2, Jelli Padilla 9, Kylee Spangler 10. Q1 4-2, Q2 19-6, Q3 29-12, Q4 35-22. FTP 31%.
Against Utopia, on Dec. 11th, the game did not go the way we wanted. Our JV played well coming out with the win, 32-14, versus the Utopia JV. The varsity lost 38-63. We struggled with their size, but on a good note, we had three girls in double figures.
JV Stats: Vera 10, Boucher 14, Duenes 6, Kiara Garcia 2. Q1 10-0, Q2 20-3, Q3 28-5, Q4 32-14.
Varsity Stats: Fulton 11, Martinez 2, KK Lara 1, Heidi Vazquez 4, J. Padilla 10, Spangler 10. Q1 6-16, Q2 19-29, Q3 30-51, Q4 38-63. FTP 65%.
We lost to Three Rivers at the end of the game on a last second free throw, 51-52. My inexperience as a head coach put my players in a bad situation on a last ditch effort for Three Rivers that caused us to foul, sending their top player to the line, and ultimately winning the game. The girls played their heart out, and again we had three girls in double figures.
Fulton 10, Martinez 2, Lara 3, Garcia 7, Vazquez 13, J. Padilla 1, Spangler 14, Ebonnee Velasquez 1. Q1 14-14, Q2 24-29, Q3 37-41, Q4 51-52. FTP 44%.
Coach Steven Spangler