Lady Mustang powerlifters capture first Regional Championship

History was made last Thursday in the Rio Grande Valley, as the Natalia Lady Mustangs captured the Regional Championship ahead of 40+ schools in Powerlifting. The girls in blue were led by senior Bryanna Perez who captured the Regional Title in her weight class, as eleven other Lady Mustangs accounted for top five finishes.

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All in all, a record 12 Natalia Lady Mustangs were able to qualify for the state powerlifting meet which will be held in two weeks in Waco.
“The Lady Mustangs had a great day as it was a true team win across the board,” Natalia Head Coach Jasmine Vasquez said. “Each lifter and manager had a vital role in order to beat a stout Bishop team.”
Natalia used 31 team points to edge out traditionally strong Bishop who finished with 25 team points followed by Edinburg Early College High School who finished in 3rd place with 20 team points.
“Region 5 is known for being the strongest region in the State of Texas and that speaks volumes on how well our girls competed,” Vasquez said.
Perez won the Regional Title in her 105 lb. weight class thanks to a 750 lb. total. Her total included a 270 lb. squat, a 165 lb. bench press and a 315 lb. dead lift.
Natalia’s Meg Martinez was next in line in the 105 lb. weight class and was one of three lifters to finish with 2nd place medals. Martinez used a 260 lb. squat, a 150 lb. bench press and a 250 lb. dead lift to account for a 660 lb. total.
Gabriella Munoz captured her 2nd place finish in the 181 lb. weight class, courtesy of a 930 lb. total. Her total included a 425 lb. squat, a 190 lb. bench press and a 315 lb. dead lift.
Jasmine Ramon captured 2nd place in the 198 lb. weight class with a 950 lb. total. The total was comprised of a 405 lb. squat, a 190 lb. bench press and a 355 lb. dead lift.
Other finishes: (WC, Name, Place, Squat, Bench Press, Dead Lift, Total)
97 lb. wc: Sophia Padilla 4th place 210-100-260-570. 105 lb. wc: Genesis Perez 5th place 245-115-225-585. 114 lb. wc: Emily Wheeler 5th place 300-145-240-685, Jalesca Schorsh 7th place 270-150-260-680. 123 lb. wc: Angelica Padilla 5th place 315-130-295-740, Angelina Zapata 9th place 285-135-280-700, Bella Martinez 11th place 230-150-270-650, Hailey Manka 13th place 225-145-235-605. 132 lb. wc: Julie Rivera 7th place 335-140-275-750. 148 lb. wc: Sofia Almendarez 8th place 315-170-315-800. 165 lb. wc: Gabrielle Santoya 5th place 335-175-315-825. 181 lb. wc: Dezarae Perez 3rd place 360-240-305-905. 259 lb. wc: Jiselle Gonzales 3rd place 415-210-340-965.

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“We will welcome back Bella Martinez, Hailey Manka and Genesis Perez next year,” Vasquez said. “They competed well at the Regional Meet and got some great experience under their belt. We will lose two great leaders in the following year in Angelina Zapata and Julie Rivera. They have been a big part of our program and have worked extremely hard inside and out of the weight room. We will miss them, but are confident they will excel in their future endeavors.”
State Bound Lifters
The following 12 Natalia Lady Mustangs will prepare for the State Powerlifting Meet on March 19th in Waco: Sophia Padilla (97 lb. wc), Bryanna Perez (105 lb. wc), Meg Martinez (105 lb. wc), Emily Wheeler (114 lb. wc), Jalesca Schorsh (114 lb. wc), Angelica Padilla (123 lb. wc), Sofia Almendarez (148 lb. wc), Gabrielle Santoya (165 lb. wc), Dezarae Perez (181 lb. wc), Jasmine Ramon (198 lb. wc) and Jiselle Gonzales (159 lb. wc).
We will have a state preview next week as the girls in blue will aim for their first ever state title in powerlifting.
If you see any of the Lady Mustangs around town, please congratulate them on winning a first ever regional title for Natalia!
By Eric Smith
Staff Writer