JV Warhorses compete in Cole, Pleasanton tourneys

The JV Warhorses had a tough schedule last week but came out a stronger team despite losing three of their four games. Facing Cole and playing in the Pleasanton Tournament, Coach Evan Eads and his team fought hard in every game.
Starting off their week against Cole, the JV lost 33-48. “We had a bad night on defense, SA Cole did a good job being patient with their offense, but we did not block out and gave them multiple second chance points,” said Coach Eads. The Warhorses stayed out of foul trouble but were only 4 of 13 from the free throw line.
Colin Dishman 8 points, Xavier Contreras 2, Brian Schaefer 4, Isaiah Morin 3, Chris Ortiz 10. Peyton Carr 6. Q1 7-12, Q2 13-22, Q3 25-30, Q4 33-48.
In the Pleasanton Tournament, the JV Warhorses were up against Comfort and won 56-29. They took the lead early in their first game Friday and never let Comfort control the pace of the game. “We got off to a good start against Comfort. Everyone scored. Offense was clicking.” Coach Eads
Dishman 18, Contreras 2, Angel Espinosa 3, Cody Trammell 8, Morin 3, Carr 6, Sage Cruz 6, Ortiz 6. Q1 20-7, Q2 28-19, Q3 44-21, Q4 56-29.
“We played Pleasanton in the next round and could not score a basket the first quarter. We fought hard the whole game and had opportunities to tie and win at the end but came up short.” Coach Eads. The Warhorses struggled from the free throw line making 14 of the 26 shots.
Dishman 10, Contreras 2, Schaefer 14, Espinosa 2, Trammell 3, Morin 1, Carr 3, Cruz 3, Ortiz 6. Q1 4-10, Q2 16-22, Q3 26-34, Q4 42-44.
“That loss to Pleasanton sent us to the 3rd place game against SA Kennedy. We were up in the fourth quarter but did not execute our offense late which led to turnovers and we had a chance to win the game late but missed the shot.” Coach Eads.
Dishman 12, Contreras 11, Morin 3, Carr 7, Cruz 8, Ortiz 2. Q1 8-4, Q2 21-15, Q3 34-31, Q4 43-45.
The JV Warhorses have Buda Johnson this Friday and then will be off next week for the holidays. They will face Cotulla on January 3rd and Marion on the 7th. District starts in a month with Crystal City up first on January 17th.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer