Warhorses host Devine Shoot Out Tournament

Starting their week off with a loss, the Warhorses were ready to turn their week around in their annual Devine Shoot Out tournament. With a record of 8-5, the Warhorses are still working on their offense and fine tuning their defense and last week’s five games helped improve every part.
Falling to Cole on Tuesday 54-79, the Warhorses turned it around when they played Dilley first in the tournament. Winning 68-52, Coach Paul Wells’ team was tied at the end of the first but broke away in the second and kept increasing that lead each quarter. Cole could not keep the Warhorses from sinking shots and claiming rebounds.
Cole stats: Leonard Pompa 1, Dalton Kramer 13, Sergio Martinez 9, Mason Burford 4, Mathew Madrid 2, Kam Adams 15, Justin Contreras 6, Andrew Perez 4. FTP 72%. Q1 12-18, Q2 22-35, Q3 36-53, Q4 54-79.
Dilley Stats: Kramer 8, Jose Dozel 6, Martinez 14, Burford 3, Adams 18, Contreras 17, Perez 2. Q1 14-14, Q2 35-28, Q3 50-34, Q4 68-52. FTP 77%.
In their second game of the tournament, the Warhorses faced Floresville. They managed to stay close to Floresville but could not overtake the Tigers for the lead. They lost 54-64 but shot 67% of their free throws and kept out of foul trouble in the second half.
Kramer 6, Martinez 4, Burford 2, Madrid 7, Adams 22, Contreras 11, Perez 2. Q1 13-20, Q2 25-35. Q3 40-49, Q4 54-64.
Next up was Brooks Academy and with renewed energy the Warhorses won 71-57. Taking the lead early and controlling the pace allowed the Warhorses to run their offense. They broke Brooks’ defense every chance they got and four players put up double digits for the Warhorses.
Kramer 11, Dozal 6, Martinez 12, Burford 3, Madrid 3, Adams 23, Contreras 13. Q1 18-11, Q2 42-35, Q3 57-47, Q4 71-57. FTP 77%.
In their final game of the tournament against Wharton, the Warhorses fought hard and were tied at the end of the third at 44-44. It came down to the very last moments of the game and they just could not get a basket to sink. They lost 58-60.
Kramer 6, Dozal 3, Martinez 9, Burford 6, Adams 18, Contreras 17. Q1 13-15, Q2 25-29, Q3 44-44, Q4 58-60. FTP 62%.
The Warhorses will face Buda Johnson on Friday and then be back after the holidays to compete in the Rockport Fulton Varsity Tournament December 30th and 31st.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer