Jordan has a contagious smile


Meet 9 year old Jordan, who likes to be active and play sports, with basketball & football being his two favorites, as he is very social and likes to play with his friends.
Friends are important to Jordan, but having an older brother to mentor him is even more important, and if his future forever family has younger siblings, he would like to take on the role of a big brother, as he interacts very well with other children.
Jordan would like a family to go hiking and take walks with; he is also looking for a family to celebrate his two favorite holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. For the other days of the year, Jordan says having a mom & dad along with some siblings to share popcorn while watching a movie at home on a Friday night would be ideal.
Jordan would also like to have a mom & dad that will sit down and help him with school work, as he has an eagerness to be taught one on one.
Jordan is a very confident child who likes to dress up to attend outings, where his contagious smile invites you to chat with him and learn more about his great personality, which has led to him having many friends.
If you are interested in learning more about foster/adopting a child in the state of Texas, you can log onto the web at of you can begin the process by attending a free no obligation information meeting, which are held monthly here in the Rio Grande Valley.
You may also contact CPS Adoption Specialist Melissa Hernandez at 361-854-2011 for more info on Jordan.
But there are many, many South Texas Children awaiting adoption. You may also contact Lori Cox for information about becoming a foster family for other beautiful children still waiting for their Forever Family. She can be reached at 210-385-3818.