Joe dreams of a forever family with a big brother and a pet dog

Joe is a hard worker and would like to have a family with a dog.

Meet Joe! Twelve-year-old Joe is a hard worker and even earned “Employee of the Year” during his summer work program. Described as “soft hearted”, reserved, and engaging, Joe loves playing sports, games, and dreams of someday having a family and a pet dog. He is in the 7th grade, and his favorite subject is math.
He likes playing football, basketball, swimming, and fishing. He would prefer to live in a rural area, but the city is okay too.
He also likes playing video games, especially the ones that eliminate zombies. He also likes playing Monopoly when he has the time. Another one of his favorite things is meat lover’s pizza!
He would love to have a brother the same age or older.
He would like his Family to go to Church. He also wants his Family to support his decision to attend College.
The Family needs to understand that Joe will need time to “fall in love” with them, since it is “kind of scary” to him about a new environment, because he will be leaving his “comfort zone”; but do know Joe wants to be adopted!
To get to know Joe better, contact Pam McCloskey, Adoption Recruiter, at (210) 685-2163 or
For general information about foster care or adoption, please contact the Department of Family and Protective Services at (210) 337-3117.