Patients removed in raid of home

The Medina County Sheriff’s Office along with the Attorney General and APS (Adult Protective Services) raided a local boarding home on old Fish Hatchery Road just outside Devine. They removed nearly all of the residents of the home, according to Medina County Sheriff Randy Brown.

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“Eleven residents have been removed the boarding home is surrendering their license,” Brown said. “The sad part about this deal is that most of these people are placed in this facility by the State, and the state failed to check this place out. For it to get to this point is pretty sad.”
“We started investigating a possible sexual assault of a resident and from that the State started looking at things due to poor living conditions. We along with the AG and APS paid a visit to the Boarding Home on October 8 and October 9th, removing 7 people the first day and 4 more people the next day. One of those residents was transported to the hospital due to malnourishment. There are still 3 people at the facility. APS is having a doctor go to evaluate the remaining residents as soon as the doctor is available. Personal care homes can operate without a license if it has under a certain number of residents.”
“Across the county, we are having an ongoing issue with residents of personal care homes like this who have wandered off. Many times, the facilities don’t even know they are missing. These residents wander off and sometimes even enter homes of families in the area, so it’s very dangerous,” Sheriff Brown adds.

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