End Zone Celebrations…

I ain’t gonna do it….but, there is a lot of interesting news goin on. I would suggest that those who usually get their information from the mainstream media watch Fox once in a while. I know that I heard one reporter call the City of Eagle Pass “Illegal Pass”, but I think it was a slip of the tongue.

Football season is now upon us and the showboats are out in force. It looks like the cameras are trying to stay away from the choreographed celebrations in the end zone but can’t get away from the players who strut to the middle of the field to peacock and beat their chest and use other means to get a little camera time. Seems like they try to outrun the hangers on so that they are the only one in the camera shot.
I remember when Earl Campbell played. I bet that was a scary sight to see him running at you full speed and knowing that you had to tackle (or try to tackle) him. After he knocked you out of the way, he would head for the end zone and hand the ball to the official. Then, he would take his seat on the bench and wait for the next offensive series. Pure class. Much like Tom Landry. These types of individuals are a rarity nowadays.
I think it all started with Billy “White Shoes” Johnson back in the mid 70’s. That was his way of getting attention and is credited with being one of the first players to display elaborate celebrations in the end zone. It has gotten dang near ridiculous.
On a similar note, Houston Astros Manager Dusty Baker is credited with starting the “High Five” when he was a player. Lotta class there too. But, the Astros are shootin theyselves in the foot lately…both feet. Looks like they’re trying to play themselves outta the Playoffs.
Lost Tim Gunn last week. Good man. Back when I was Commissioner, he stopped me on the road one day and asked if I had an opening with the County. He explained that he knew that it would be a considerable reduction in pay but, he wanted to eliminate all the travel that kept him on the road so much. It would also give him time to spend with his grandkids that were growing up “too fast”. He was an excellent addition to the crew and fit in on day one.
Here’s a parting thought…..Deut. 28:43-44.