Easter Bunny spotted in Lytle!

Every year, the city of Lytle holds an ‘Easter Eggstravaganza’ for local kids at the Municipal John Lott to come and be a part of a community Easter egg hunt, as well as some other Easter activities. This year, due to covid restrictions, the city substituted the eggstravaganza for an Easter drive though. Starting at 1 o’clock, 49 cars had already lined up.
“I feel it was a great, safe event,” Mayor Gonzalez said. “Josie, the volunteers, public works, parks department, and the police department all did great job of putting a great event together and keeping it safe.”
Parents drove through the parking lot of the community center, where Lytle officials, city secretary Josie Campa, handed out bags of candy, toys, and gift certificates, all while playing music and dancing with the Easter bunny to entertain kids. Helping out with the celebrations were employees from Lytle’s Little Caesars Pizza, Burger King, and Taco Bell, along with their respective mascots.
“The biggest thing was watching a child dancing with the bunny from inside the car,” Mayor Gonzalez said. “You realize you reached what you had to accomplish by making that child smile.”