September 15
1:03AM – Complainant on Griffin Dr called regarding dogs barking in the area. Everything appeared okay.
7:13AM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave E for a minor accident.
9:30AM – Complainant called regarding their bank account showing a $500 deposit then it being taken out. All okay, bank had a glitch that showed deposit on multiple accounts.
9:30AM – Officer dispatched to SH 173 for disabled truck tractor in roadway. All okay, tow truck already in route.
13:55PM – Complainant on Hondo Ave called in reference to a 2023 Toyota bearing temporary plates plugging into electrical outlet and charging vehicle overnight at business location.
18:00PM – Officer dispatched to Moore Ave for a verbal disagreement. All okay.
21:45PM – Complainant on Libold Dr called in reference to a black Chevy pickup peeling out and speeding in the area. Unable to locate.
22:58PM – Male subject jailed on Colonial Pkwy for DWI – struck cemetery fence and refused to stop.
23:27PM – Officer jailed male subject for DWI/DUI on Teel Dr.
September 16
7:29AM – Complainant on Crouch Ave advised vehicle was damaged on 9/15/23 at approximately 0200 hours near the driver side back passenger window.
14:46PM – Complainant on Teel Dr advised he lost his wallet at one of two businesses in Devine.
15:32PM – Complainant on Colonial Pkwy advised vehicle struck by unknown vehicle while parked and unoccupied between 1130 and 1500 hours.
15:32PM – Complainant on Crouch Ave advised male subject sitting in front of unoccupied house.
September 17
0:01AM – Officer dispatched to Jack Nicklaus Dr as separated wife came to house and altercation ensued. Female at location was assaulted and charges are pending. Wife jailed on 9/21/23 on an arrest warrant for the case.
2:22AM – Complainant on Zig Zag Ave advised shots fired in area. Unable to locate.
4:30AM – Complainant on Bright Dr N called in reference to two male subjects heard on property. Searched area but unable to locate.
September 18
0:30AM – Report of pickup on IH 35 SB all over roadway traveling between 30-35 MPH and almost crashed multiple times.
0:43AM – Female subject jailed for DWI/DUI on IH 35
6:55AM – Officer dispatched to Ross Dr for aggravated assault. Ex intentionally struck rear bumper of complainant’s vehicle while taking children to school. Charges pending. An arrest warrant has been obtained.
10:00AM – a juvenile female was found in possession of tobacco. Citation issued.
15:10AM – a juvenile female was found in possession of nicotine vape pen.
September 19
20:01PM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for minor accident.
21:38PM – Complainant on Howell Ave called in reference to loud noise; white pick up playing loud music. Unable to locate.
September 20
8:49AM – Officer dispatched to Washington Dr for minor accident.
8:54AM – Complainant on IH 35 S called in reference to a white GMC pickup parked with windows down and two rifles in sight.
11:00AM – Male juvenile cited and released to mom for vape pen found in locker.
15:15PM – Complainant on IH 35 S called in reference to suspicious white van. All okay.
17:11PM – Officer dispatched to Hondo Ave for minor accident.
September 21
1:43AM – Complainant on Flores Dr called in reference to someone being heard on property. Everything appeared okay.
13:45PM – Complainant on Flores Dr called to report a dog bit to dog owner. ACO notified.
15:05PM – Complainant on Covey Ln stated son broke her TV and Christmas tree.
19:12PM – Complainant on College Ave report vehicle was struck by another unknown vehicle while parked at post office.
19:25PM – Complainant on IH 35 reported three 18 wheelers parked behind business. Officer made contact and vehicles were relocated.