Devine volunteer firefighters complete specialized training to aide medical responders

Michelle Prescott and Richard Hitchcock provided specialized training to Devine and Moore VFD using hands-on anatomy and physiology of pig hearts and lungs to understand different types of complications they may encounter.

Since DVFD has received First Responder Organization (FRO) from the state, the department has re-organized the training to include medical. Robert Scott (Chief) and Richard Hitchcock (Deputy Chief) are opening the door for firefighters who also desire to be certified as EMT’s or EMR’s to help support the community in their darkest hour of need. This past summer 6 DVFD firefighters received Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) training and all 6 passed their National Registry Exam and are now Certified EMR/ECA’s.
Training nights are on Mondays at 7 and this past Monday (8th) was certainly another hands-on class that was hands down one for the books! Michelle Prescott and Richard Hitchcock offered the class and Moore VFD also attended. Michelle Prescott is a paramedic and works for Allegiance EMS. She is also a DVFD full active medical member. Paul Gengler supplied the goods, pig hearts and lungs from a local processing facility. Michelle walked students through the hands-on anatomy and physiology of these two vital organs to gain insight and familiarity. Students were able to add air to inflate the lungs as pictured, dissect the lungs to see how the air passes and fills the alveoli. Next was the heart. Michelle led the students through the inner workings of the heart, the directions of flow, different types of heart complications and anatomy. She then led students through careful dissection viewing the chambers, valves, veins and arteries. All students gained a better understanding of anatomy and physiology of the heart and lungs.
By Shelly Watson