Devine schools start Monday, Aug. 24; bring mask and water

Devine ISD will be the first school in this area to open its doors to students for face-to-face learning with the first day of school this Monday, August 24. Those who have registered online will need to do so on the parent portal or show up on the first day. Students will report to their campuses and be directed to the cafeteria or gym for direction and schedules if you haven’t already received them online.
Due to COVID-19 some of the drop off an pick up procedures have changed so parents need to be aware.
On the website there are some details listed explaining most of the procedures for each campus. View the Covid-19 Campus Learning Plan for Ciavarra Elementary, Devine Intermediate, Devine Middle School and Devine High School for rules and procedures on face to face learning and remote learning options.
School supply list are online as well and dress codes. Spirit shirts were added as a daily choice at every campus this year as well as the traditional polo uniform shirts.
Masks/face coverings must be worn by all students and staff while on campus, so be sure to check each campuses procedures. So be sure to bring your face mask and bottle of water. Water fountains are not allowed, so students can bring their own water in bottles or containers as specified by each campus. The plan is to have water filling stations in the hallways of each campus, but as of press time each campus had at least one filling station with more to come when they arrive.
Visitors are not allowed at any campus unless an emergency or by appointment.
Meet the teacher is being done virtually and each campus is handling it a little differently.
Ciavarra Elementary
Bring your own mask and water.
● Meet the Teacher will be by appointment only. It will be for students who are coming to “in-person” school. We are limiting it to parent and child. Please do not bring siblings or other family members. (Exceptions will be made for parents with multiple children on the CES campus.) Those dates are Aug. 18, 19, and 20. Parents/students should bring supplies at that time.
● Remote teachers will design their own Meet the Teacher with parents. Those teachers will contact parents who choose remote learning.
● If we are at 50 percent, all students will be dropped off in the circle by the cafeteria. Parents will not be allowed past any of the gates unless they have business in the office. Afternoon pick-up will be the same as in previous years. Your child’s teacher will communicate that to those parents who plan to pick up their child/children.
● All parents must stay in their cars at pick-up. There will be no “Walk-up, Pickup”.
● There will be no drinking from water fountains unless absolutely necessary. Students should bring bottled water or a closed container for water. We have a bottle filler in each hall (when they arrive) , and students may fill bottles from any fountain. (Currently each campus has at least one water filling stations, waiting on more).
● All students, as much as they can, and adults will wear masks at all times. We may need to provide face shields for our youngest students at PreK and kinder. Obvious exceptions will be when eating and when on the playground. ter or a closed container for water. We have a bottle filler in each hall, and students may fill bottles from any fountain.

Bring your own mask and water.
Meet the Teacher will be conducted virtually. Parents will schedule individual meetings with on campus teachers on August 19 from 8:00 AM–11:30 AM and 1:00 PM–4:00 PM and on August 20 from 8:00 AM–11:30 AM and 2:30 PM – 7:00 PM. The remote teacher will schedule three (3) group virtual Meet the Teachers. The first of which will be on August 19 at 10:00 AM. The remainders will be on August 20 at 3:00 PM and another at 5:30 PM
Students must supply their own bottled water or a clear screw top water non‐breakable bottle to be filled at one of the bottle filling stations. ● All water fountains in each hall will be covered and closed, leaving only bottle filling stations open. ● Transitions ▪ Traffic flow in each hall will be marked.
● Arrival to campus o Students may arrive on campus starting at 7:30 AM. There will be no early drop‐offs allowed. ● Students arriving between 7:30 AM and 7:40 AM will report to the cafeteria where social distancing is possible. They will be released from there to go to their classrooms at 7:40. Students arriving after 7:40 AM and not eating breakfast will report directly to their homeroom classes. ● Dismissal at end of school day (iDismiss) *Due to the nature of the drop off and outside of an emergency, no changes to a student’s mode of pickup will be allowed after 3:00 PM
* All cars must have the student’s dismissal number displayed in the windshield. Families will be assigned the same number for each child. Parents must make arrangements to get the windshield number to any others that may be picking their child up.
* All students, bus or pickup, will be dismissed from their classrooms according to the arrival of their pickup vehicle. *Persons picking up students on Atkins Ave. will form two lanes, beginning at Church Dr. They will maintain those two lanes and merge into one lane at Bentson Dr.
* A member of the campus staff will log in pickup vehicles as they arrive in the pickup zone. That information is transmitted to all classrooms where teachers will receive the information and then checkout any student currently in the classrooms. Persons working the front pickup and the bus area will report to these areas at 3:25. At that time, they can begin to enter student pick up information.
* Students will not be dismissed until notified that their ride is available. This will allow for fewer students transitioning to the pickup areas at the same time.
* Students will be dismissed from their classrooms according to the position of their departure vehicle
* Teachers will “check out” a student in their care once the notification is posted.
* Students will depart through the side doors by the gym where a “gatekeeper” will “dismiss” them in the system. Using this system, we are better able to monitor students transitioning in the building.
Middle School
Bring your mask and water.
Before school ● We will utilize 2 doors for entrance into the building. ● We will stagger the grade levels coming into the building. ● When the weather is bad, we will have students in the DMS cafeteria, library, computer labs, and gym. ● No early drop-offs will be allowed. ● No students should be on campus prior to 7:15am except for those students participating in 7th grade athletics. Breakfast ● Regular breakfast will be eaten at DSAC. ● Breakfast will be served at 7:30am; anyone arriving after 7:45am will not get to eat breakfast. ● Breakfast for athletes will be served in the classroom (gym) End of the Day ● The end of the day release will be staggered using approximately 1-minute intervals. ● Bus students will be released first, followed by students being picked up, and then students who will be walking home. ● 6th, 7th and 8th grade students will have a designated area for pick-up. ● Students must leave campus immediately and not loiter unnecessarily. Other safety precautions ● All students, staff, and visitors will be screened before entering the school. ● Visitors will not be allowed on campus unless it is an emergency. ● Everyone will be expected to wear a mask at all times. Consequences may be enforced if safety guidelines are not followed. ● All ARD’s and 504 meetings will be conducted virtually until further notice. ● Meet the Teacher night will be conducted virtually and available on Aug. 18. ● We will have school supplies available for students to take when needed. ● All students, staff and visitors will wear a mask. All remote learners participating in athletics will need to be dropped off at the back door of the gym. A coach will meet those students to check them in. ● All remote learner athletes will need to be picked up promptly at the end of their practice session at the backdoor of the gym. ● Masks will be required of all athletes during practice.
● Students will be expected to bring their own bottled water. ● Students will be able to fill their own bottles with water at the water bottle filling stations in the hallways that will be installed.
High School
Bring your own mask and water.
• All students, personnel, and visitors will be screened before entering the campus. • All students, personnel, and visitors will be required to wear a protective mask while on school grounds. Masks may be removed to eat during lunch while practicing the required social distancing guidelines. • Students may eat lunch incommons areas as long as they are practicing social distancing. • Visitors will be allowed only in the case of an emergency or by appointment. • In order to sign a student out, the parent or guardian must call in advance and wait for their student in the bus circle. • To the extent possible, students will be separated in classrooms. • During all transition times, traffic will flow on the right side of the halls and social distancing requirements will be followed. • There will be a limit to the number of students in the restroom. • Water fountains will not be in use. • Lunch meal drop‐offs will not be allowed. • Gatherings of any kind in commons areas will not be allowed.

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