Devine Garden Club meeting Jan. 23

Members of the Devine Garden Club posed for a picture at their December meeting.

The next meeting of the Devine Garden Club will be Thursday, January 23, 3:00 pm at St. Matthias Episcopal Church, 801 N. Teel, Devine. Hostesses for this meeting are members of the Executive Committee. The program will be “How to Compost” presented in round-table discussion by members who practice composting in their home gardens. Visitors and new members are always welcomed.
Thank You
A special garden club “thank you” is extended to the following people for help with the beautiful Nativity scene: Ronnie Rackley, Sondra Rackley, Susan Wisenbaker, Sandra Stacy, and David Rodrigues.
Winter Watering
Lawns need very little irrigation in the winter. At the most, apply 1/2 inch of water every three weeks if there is no rain.
Happy Gardening!