Cruz grateful for opportunity Devine Learning Center gave her to complete high school diploma, currently enrolled as a medical assistant

Alexis Cruz of Devine, 19 years old is currently enrolled as a medical assistant after getting her high school diploma through a new program designed to help students who just needed a few more credits to graduate.
Alexis is a member of the first graduating class from the newly formed Devine Learning Center of Devine ISD who graduated in December 2020.. The program was designed to help students who needed a few more credits finish their high school education and get a diploma. Those who life just happened to and they didn’t finish high school for one reason or another, but were willing to pull up their boot straps and persevere to get that diploma now.
“I’ve always thought that having a baby at a young age, would’ve stopped me from graduating and dropping out of school. But, I was wrong, and it didn’t stop me continuing in life,” said Cruz. “I got into a program with Mrs. D (Dzierzanowski) at the Devine Learning Center and it went great!”
“I started the program October 13, 2020. It only took me two months because I put the time and effort into the assignments to get them done by the graduation day. And with that being said, I didn’t have much work to begin with. I did my work constantly. So, it really depends how much effort you’re putting in.”
December 14, 2020 Alexis finished and got her diploma.

Alexis Cruz with boyfriend Jay Solis and son Baby J after her December 2020 graduation.

“I told myself that I wasn’t done with school. Ever since I was little I always wanted to work in the medical field so, in February 2021 I enrolled as a medical assistant at Southern Careers Institute in San Antonio, Texas. The program is 9 months long. “I’m half way there already! It’s gone by so quickly. I’ve already been enrolled for four months,” said Cruz.
“In August I’ll start my externship and then in October I’ll be graduating.”
“I did this because I knew I could and nothing could stop me from starting a new career. I also wanted to do better for my family and I.
If I can do it anyone is capable of doing so! I recommend no matter how hard the situations get, never give up. Push yourself and be successful, don’t let nothing stop you from doing something you love. I push myself everyday and know that it’d all be worth it in the end.”
“The Devine Learning Center Program is very helpful. The teachers Mrs. D, Mrs. Linda Stanton, and Coach Bart Oropeza are very helpful when you need help they’re right there by your side throughout the whole program.”
“To those that haven’t got their high school diploma I wish you the very best! You got this. To get into DLC (Devine Learning Center) there’s certain criteria you have to meet to be able to attend but after I met with them I realized it was pretty easy to get in.”
“I want to give a big thank you to Mrs. D for getting me into this program and encouraging me to finish, I appreciate your time and help. And lastly I want to thank my mom (Christina Reid) and my boyfriend (Jay Solis) for pushing me to finish and being there by my side every step of the way.”
Alexis took time to attend this year’s Spring Commencement Program to watch the next 11 graduates proudly receive their diplomas during their graduation ceremony in front of family and friends during the school board meeting on Monday night, May 17.

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