COVID-19 cases shoot up from 18 to 34 in Medina County this Tuesday

Medina County is reporting 2 more hospitalizations and 2 more deaths due to COVID-19 in local residents that actually occurred in August and September. There have now been a total of 32 deaths reported, and 123 hospitalizations in residents fighting COVID-19. Active cases have also risen quickly this week from 18 to 34 active this Tuesday, November 10th.
Half of the active cases are in the Hondo area (15), with 6 in Devine, 3 in LaCoste, 3 in Natalia, 3 in Rio Medina, and 2 in the Medina County area of Lytle. There are 2 more in the Atascosa area of Lytle (reported by separate entity).
Cases have risen in many areas, including Atascosa County which recently went back to the mask mandate after lifting it for a short time. Atascosa County reported 34 active cases as of Monday, November 9th. At that time they had also reported a total of 17 deaths in Atascosa County.

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