Burned hotdogs, happy heart

I wanted to roast hotdogs and marshmallows with the kids for my birthday. So I ended up buying some firewood from a guy who lives down the street. He only sells a ¼ of a cord or a half or whole cord at a time, so we are stocked up.
Normally, we are chop-your-own-wood kind of people, but it’s slim pickens right now, and my husband didn’t want to get up and go chop any wood on his day off, so I told him I was going to buy some. He gave me the nod of approval from his recliner, but when I came back with a whole truck load he wasn’t too impressed. But I am. I will say it was a lot of work loading it up and unloading it (which my strong husband got to help me with), but I am loving having that nice, big, neat stack of good “cured” mesquite wood.
I didn’t realize it, but the smoke from cured wood doesn’t burn your eyes like regular smoke does. Learn something new every day.
While I was out securing our giant stack of wood, my daughter was baking and decorating the most excellent birthday cake I could ask for.
From the looks on their faces, you would have thought I told them we were going to go to Disney World or something. I think I enjoy it just as much as the kids do though, when it’s all said and done, because I’m an expert burner. Campfire-seared hotdogs are the one meal you can burn the heck out of, and it still tastes good. But most of all, I get the biggest kick out of how much fun a little hotdog and marshmallow burning can be. If the kids are all smiles and excited, my heart is happy. I don’t care how sticky marshmallows in my hair are.