Only 40 service calls

We needed a little break to catch up and last week we got it. We been short staffed since before Christmas. You name it, COVID, COVID exposure quarantine, vacations, plain old regular illness, and bereavement leave. Our numbers last week included only 40 calls for service and there was little serious stuff in those. Officers conducted 70 traffic stops, 51 of those resulted in a citation and 19 were warnings.
We had one property crime reported …. the details: On Thursday, Jan. 6 at around 11 AM, a male entered Twin Liquors, grabbed a 1.75L of Jack Daniels whiskey and walked out. The clerk tried to get him to stop but he kept on going. He got into a gold car and fled. The whiskey was valued at $43.99. I’m sure our evidence was disposed of before noon. I’m not a drinker, so I don’t keep up with the price of booze. At those prices they should call it a “liquid gold” store.
We had three arrests, that’s if you count two separate incidents where juvenile females were cited for curfew violation and released to a guardian. One involved at 16-year-old female who was out at 1:40 AM, stopped for a traffic violation and had no DL. The other was a 15-year-old female that was reported as a run-a-way out of Medina Co. She was located by the Primary school at 2:00 AM. It’s a bit scary to have these young girls out alone at that time of early morning. I’m glad they both were returned safely to their homes. The other arrest was for a DWI that occurred at Main St. and McDonald.
Not too much to report on, I better leave it at that.