Bring on the rain… 2.4 inches+

By Jerry Beck

Getting a little rain this Monday morning…2.4 inches was a Godsend as of this writing.  Don’t know how long its gonna last, but we could stand it for a week or so.

Had to add a Bailiff at the old Courthouse due to the addition of new courtrooms at the Annex.  Also had to add a position for the County Clerk to keep up with the demand in her office.  Good thing is that she has a fund that replenishes and will pay for the position.

Did a lotta vacating and replatting and establishing speed limits and stop signs to make them legal enough to enforce.  

We also approved an Interlocal Agreement Kendall County to fund a DPS satellite Crime Lab to better process drug evidence that would move cases through the trial process and finalize the cases that have been lagging due to pending lab reports.

Spoke with Judge Schuchart about the freezing of County taxes for folks 65 and over.  Oughta have the wording tomorrow (Wednesday) and an explanation because plain English don’t work on stuff like this….gotta be in lawyerpolitical speak.

I do not see how approving the Republican Chairpersons “Declaration of Local State of Disaster” would improve or even effect the safety of our citizens in Medina County.  Our Sheriff and local Law Enforcement are already doing all that they can to quell the influx of illegal immigrants.

I would rather see our Republican Party get on the bandwagon with the over 65 tax freeze than press us to agree to a Declaration that is a formality more than anything else.  After all, they represent “Medina County” and this is a Medina County issue that should occupy the front burner.

We have finished our latest paving project and are looking at our next possible endeavor.  We are now on the bottom of the list and will hopefully be able to include another project before the end of the calendar year. 

I need to look at my Budget and decide if there is enough funds to attempt another paving project because we also need another big truck to pull our belly-dump trailer and they aint cheap….somewhere around $130,000.  In addition, we need another pickup.  

Folks need to keep last weeks edition of the Devine News cause they don’t come around too often..there wasn’t a picture of Lewis Stroud in it.  I kid him but, he does a lot for our community and most of it is newsworthy.  

November 8th is approaching and everybody needs to be ready to vote in that Election.  Not only will the tax freeze item be on the Ballot but there will be the opportunity to un-elect some of the people that are bent on ruining our country.  

Only 83 days till Election Day (November 8th), 105 until Christmas and 135 until December 31st!