55 service calls, 104 traffic stops

For the week ending August 14, 2022, …. Officers handled 55 calls for service and conducted 104 traffic stops. Those stops resulted in 94 citations and 10 warnings. 

     We only had one arrest last week. A traffic stop on Railroad St. resulted in the arrest of a female with 3 active felony warrants out of Atascosa Co. She was booked into the Atascosa Co. Jail.

     Property Crimes, 3 of them:  #1 – We had a shoplifting call at H.E.B. Plus, and then the crooks committed a vehicle burglary (#2) before they left the parking lot. A couple of males with purple, green, and blue hair took about $27 in items from the store. All our witnesses and the store camera confirmed the hair color, otherwise, I would have thought our witness was stoned. Our thieves decided to remove a couple of items from the bed of a pickup before they took off, they got a duffle bag full of tools and a weed eater. Our multi-color hair dudes were in a Ford Fiesta, and they couldn’t fit the weed eater in their small car, so they just dumped it in the parking lot. A witness returned it to the bed of the pickup. So, we learned today that if you drive a small vehicle you may save on gas but, it will limit what you can steal. #3 – A female with a small child left the store without paying for 4 big containers of laundry detergent ($70 value). We think we have her identified. Everybody uses laundry detergent and it’s expensive, so it is easy to sell or trade. A lot of that stolen product ends up at flea markets, I guess some of it gets traded for dope too.

     School is back in session! Please watch out for all the kids and expect delays around the school in the morning and during the afternoon release. Feel free to report any hazardous situations to us. 

     At the last city council meeting our City Administrator, Matt Dear, was given a supervisory role over all the department heads. Matt is now my boss, and I was looking for a way to commemorate this event. I was going to write a song, but I took a shortcut. I just took the theme song from “Charles in Charge,” one of my favorite 80s sitcoms, and replaced “Charles” with “Matt”. It does get a little creepy in a few spots. If you don’t know it, search it on YouTube …. it’s catchy, you might just be humming the tune all day. Perhaps, all the department heads could perform it at our city Christmas party?