Boots on and off again

Baby Tucker is pretty proud of his big important jobs in the house, especially the routine that he and daddy have. When daddy gets home from work Tucker runs over and starts yanking and grunting to pull off daddy’s boots for him, and then his socks, followed by sound effects. He makes a big relaxing “Ahh!” sound to mimic daddy, as he leans back in his recliner.
It’s very cute, and Tucker really gets into it. He doesn’t give up, no matter how tough it is to pull off daddy’s big heavy steel toe work boots.
Sometimes if I sit down on the couch without taking my boots off, he runs over to me too, and tries to pull off my boots. But usually, five minutes later, he is bringing them back to me, trying to put them on me because he wants to go outside.
As I get ready for work in the morning, he gets so excited, hopping up and down when I ask him to bring me my socks and boots. Yesterday, he brought me a pair of his socks to wear. They were just a little small!
He doesn’t always take my boots off, only daddy’s, but instead, he always wants to help me put my boots ON. I guess that’s fair. He’s my “boots on” assistant, and daddy’s “boots off” assistant. Ahhh!