Arabians knock off Hondo and Poth, battle Fredericksburg

We had a great come from behind win vs Hondo. The girls did a great job of hanging around and not getting down too much in the Hondo game. This allowed us to force Hondo into some turnovers late in the game that we were able to capitalize on. We made some huge shots late in the game to take the W. Yessika Garza hit a huge 3 to tie it late and then Maddie Mata made a go ahead 3 with less than 20 seconds to win the game. Defensively we really played well. We didn’t shoot it great all game, but we took, and made some big shots in the 4th quarter. I was proud of the effort and determination of the team in this win.
Points: Lacey Shook 2, Brianna Bowyer 6, Kendall Marek 4, Yessika Garza 8, Maddie Mata 5, Ally Taylor 8, Denise Contreras 6. Rebounds: Shook 3, Bowyer 4, Marek5, Garza 3, Mata 3, Taylor 3, Contreras 4. Assists: Shook 2, Bowyer 2, Garza 1, Mata 2, Taylor 1. Steals: Shook 3, Mata 4, Taylor 2, Contreras 4. Q1 10-14, Q2 19-24, Q3 26-29, Q4 39-36. FTP 46%.
The girls really played well in the Poth game. The defensive energy to start the game was sharp and on point. We made some shots early and that confidence carried on throughout the first half. We played well and built a good lead going into the half. We did a good job of maintaining the lead in the second half. Defensively, we did a good job on the boards and we were able to put pressure on Poth and cause some turnovers. It was a great team effort and win.
Points: Bowyer 4, Marek 4, Garza 7, Megan Runyan 12, Kadence Yeats 3, Mata 10, Taylor 12. Rebounds: Anrea Rios 3, Bowyer 6, Marek 1, Garza 4, Runyan 2, Yeats 6, Mata 10, Taylor 7. Assists: Bowyer 1, Yeats 2, Mata 5, Taylor 1. Steals: Bowyer 1, Marek 1, Garza 2, Runyan 2, Mata 2. Blocks: Yeats 1. Q1 18-8, Q2 31-13, Q3 42-17, Q4 52-29. FTP 69%.
Despite the loss in Fredericksburg, the team really learned a lot. We did some really good things at times vs Fredericksburg, but in the end their pressure defense bothered us a little too much. We didn’t do a good job of taking care of the ball and that hurt us in the end. I thought we competed well most of the game, but ended up coming up short to a good team.
Points: Shook 2, Garza 3, Mata 17, Taylor 9. Rebounds: Shook 2, Bowyer 3, Marek 2, Garza 8, Yeats 5, Mata 7, Taylor 8. Assists: Shook 1, Bowyer 1, Garza 2, Mata 1. Steals: Bowyer 1, Yeats 2, Mata 4, Taylor 1. Blocks: Shook 1, Marek 1. Q1 6-14, Q2 17-25, Q3 24-40, Q4 31-54. FTP 67%.
The Arabians will be back in action this Friday in Pearsall. They will play after the holiday break against Hondo on December 29th and then December 31st at home against Crystal City. Tune in on Youtube to watch them.
Coach Jim Sessions