Warhorses beat Hondo, take on Lytle and Crystal City

The Warhorses faced three powerful basketball teams and won one of their three games. Facing Hondo on Tuesday, Lytle on Friday, and Playing in Crystal City on Saturday, the Warhorses had to work hard and overcome tough challenges.
Playing Hondo on December 8th, the Warhorses were out for a win at all costs. The teams love playing in this high intensity rival match and Devine Proved to be the better team this game with a big win at 60-50. Mason Burford had an amazing game with 18 points including making 10 of 15 free throws. Justin Contreras was a shooting machine with 25 points and 4 of 6 free throws.
Caden Hanson 6, Matthew Madrid 7, Justin Contreras 25, Burford 18, Peyton Carr 4. Q1 10-6, Q2 23-20, Q3 41-32, Q4 60-50. FTP 70%.
The Lytle Pirates were a much tougher opponent. Falling 90-58, the Warhorses struggled on defense and could not stop the Pirates drive to the basket. Burford lead with 30 points and Carr sank 2 three-pointers.
Colin Dishman 4, Hanson 10, Aiden Zapata 3, Madrid 3, Kaiveri Alvarez 2, Burford 30, Carr 5. Q1 9-21, Q2 24-38, Q3 42-60, Q4 58-90. FTP 64%.
Saturday in Crystal City, the Warhorses lost again 42-60. The Warhorses were sent to the line to shoot 28 free throws by the aggressive Javelinas. The Warhorses played a cleaner game and only sent Crystal City to the free throw line for 8 attempts.
Dishman 2, Hanson 11, Zapata 8, Madrid 2, Alvarez 3, Burford 15. Q1 10-10, Q2 13-25, Q3 25-41, Q4 42-60. FTP 68%.
Devine will Head back to Lytle this Friday and then be off until Dec. 29 when they will play Crystal City again.
By Dicy Chambers
Sports Writer